Instagram Giving Vent to the Wild and Crazy Side; Providing an Opportunity for New Directions for the Blog

I am an infant on Instagram with my alexismctwit tag but already it has been used it to develop a new persona. It can perhaps be the place where I give vent to my wild and crazy side. It has developed that look already. There is a video of me on public transportation bizarrely rocking to tunes and most recently shots of me on the stairs of my favorite gym culminating in some rather rocking moves. First I will tell of the story behind that entry.
Yesterday was an amazing day at the gym. Equinox trainers were told of a contest which would give them a chance to win a $1,000 bonus and a 12 pack training session for their client. The trainer’s mandate is to encourage the client to illustrate what the two have achieved together, how they met the client’s fitness goals. . To enter, the client must post a pic or a video along with an explanation of what they did together. So, always eager to please I arrived at the Equinox perfectly prepared, armed with my iPhone, my chic new gym clothes purchased in California and a pink sequined hat bought for a mere $5.00 at Aldo’s on Granville. Hottie tortured fee or fifty-five minutes and then it was movie time. Aaron volunteered to be camera man. He is one of the four trainers who want me, they are pictured on the October 17, 2017 blog. The written submission was easy enough as I had already extolled the virtues of Hottie’s training in the blog of September 27, 2017. Go back and read the tribute to our hard work. My arthritic knees had limited my mobility making it almost impossible to walk up and down stairs, but with Hottie’s excellent training coupled with my sheer persistence I now can do stairs pain free. The video shows my walking up and down stairs with style and élan and then throwing in a few dance steps just for good measure. Aaron nimbly submitted the video to the contest, and then put it on my Instagram account. So all one has to do is go to Instagram, go to alexismctwit and there I will be with my sequined baseball cap and everything. Not only do you see me but also Hottie is there cheering me on. Everyone who viewed the video is certain it will win so there will be fame and personal training sessions and Hottie will be enriched. I did promise beers for Aaron and Hottie to celebrate our victory.(come to think if it Hottie should be paying). I can be incredibly competitive; I think it comes from being a lawyer. I love to win, to vanquish. A moment of sheer joy is regarding the expression CCC gets when I handily insult him. He shakes his head and says: “I didn’t see that one coming.” I am involved in a fight right now, for my honor and my reputation. I intend to win, you may hear more about it. I am strapping on the armor, preparing to go forth and slay dragons.
By the way, the torture of the training session was alleviated by some laughter. I would occasionally go to the water fountain located on the other side of the gym crossing over into the territory of other cute trainers. Hottie would say: Don’t get distracted, get back here right away!” Once I put the towel over my face pretending to need help not looking. Of course, everyone laughed, including me. I get away with all of this because I am 74 and probably a relief from testosterone laden men and anorexic young women. Occasionally and rarely it does pay to be old.
But getting back to the Instagram function in my life. I can display my wild and crazy persona on Instagram saving my more serious thoughts for the blog The two could also work in tandem. A recent brainstorm was a live video of me reading one of my blogs – one of the super funny ones. The August 23, 2017 blog in which people joke about my radioactivity being one example.
Then the blog can be used for some of the purposes explored in the October 1, 2017 blog when I faced my blog crisis. The goal to examine issues faced by today’s society that are systematically ignored was explored. Examining the issues would inspire me to do research and become more knowledgable. The thought of becoming more studious and inward is appealing at this moment because I have suffered a blow and want to retreat from the world and lick my wounds. Perhaps not put on my armor and slay dragons but instead work on repairing myself. We shall see.
I do have the ability to lead my personal trainers astray. One of my favorite times was to lure Brian, my London personal trainer to drink marguerites on Valentine’s Day. I lured Hottie one day – we drank beer and I had a Montreal meat sandwich. Proof is provided with the picture – at least I am wearing my Equinox T-shirt.

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