An Update; Impossibly Poor Math Skills and What Does a Heart Mean on Instagram?

My goodness gracious! I read my blog post of today, looked at the picture of the Equinox trainers and almost died. There are not five guys, there are four guys. Four guys and Alexis with her red hat and her red glasses. I just laughed at myself and my horrible math skills. 

Here is another update. I sent an email to PPP entitled: “Red heart on Instagram does mean love.” PPP and I were having a big debate on what a big red heart means on Instagram. He sent back, not words, but a huge red heart. I wrote back: Awwwwwwwwww. I then sent him another email that read: 

Me: Can I tell the blog world that you sent me a big heart and I wrote back and said: Awwwwwwww? I am feeling much better, thank you for your support yesterday. 

PPP: Of course! You deserve all the hearts! From me, CCC, SSS, and everyone!

Me: Thank you darling!!! Hi everyone. Tell them I am fine. Today is pajama day and I am getting a lot done. 

Then I told PPP a big secret but I am not telling what it was. Then it would not be a secret. I am honest and I do not tell lies, however, I do not have to tell people EVERYTHING. So there!

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