Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude; Member Man; Me; and Me and the Five Guys That Want Me

For various and complicated reasons the Trump International Hotel is no longer my mecca, my oasis, my anything. But employing my ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ stance I have already found a replacement. Quite conveniently it is just down the street a few doors and also, quite conveniently, Hottie is there. He works there, the new mecca, the new oasis is the Equinox gym conveniently located on West Georgia Street. This blog will include three treasures already gleaned from there. Steven, an employee, drew a picture of me which I will scan and attach. There will be a gem of wisdom from a man whose nickname will be Member Man and then there will be a photo of five gorgeous men and yours truly. The picture was taken yesterday and then put on Instagram. The caption read: “All the trainers at the Equinox want ME!!! The guys are even tagged, Hottie helped me with that. Sean is touching my face, with its red glasses and red hat. I am proud of that picture and proud of myself. 

For yesterday was a day of hurt. I rose above it, at the gym, at the Fingertips salon and at the Cafe Medina. People there and everywhere were there for me and I survived – my goodness, I even thrived. I even have a manicure and a pedicure to show for it. The day was traced on Instagram. For some obscure reason my Instagram name is: alexismctwit. Rafaeli got me on Instagram last week. I already had a name, the silly mctwit thing but it is funny. Then she coordinated it with my Facebook account and now I am ALL OVER social media. I might even do a live video, a reading of my funniest blog which has to be the one where people talk about my radioactivity. That one was hilarious. But I do have to pay attention to my serious writing. I was in such pain last night but I found myself editing the Tate Introduction (for the 100th time, it seemed). but it strangely brought relief and companionship. The other magic was the companionship of my insomniac friend Lynne. We spoke of many things, of cabbages and kings. Well, not exactly cabbages and kings but many things. She gave me wisdom and a different perspective. We were friends in high school and university. Friendship is a precious commodity. The most precious commodity on earth, it seems to me. 
But back to the Equinox. We were discussing my life, these 74 years. They have been littered with many men – the three ex-husbands and more. But my ‘romantic’ relationships come to an end. They are severed by me. But this is what Membership Man said: 

Member Man: But just a moment with you is better than nothing. 

Me: Oh my goodness, that makes me cry! Can i blog that? 

Member Man: Of course. 
So what is it? What quality attracts people to me? I found this in a book and quoted it in an email to someone last week. The book is The Science of Love and Betrayal, a book I accidentally discovered at the library. I have written a series of stories on betrayal and so the title was most appealing. It discusses the power of laughter which can even raise pain thresholds. But it is also important in social relationships doing so through its ability to release endorphins. “This makes us feel warm and positive towards those with whom we do this curious activity. And there is no doubt how it then came to play an important role in the processes of courtship. Laughter, through the endorphin high, allows you to trust a stranger, and that opens the way to get to know them better. Gradually, step by step, encouraged by the continuing stream of jokes and one-liners, the witty remarks and humorous asides, you are drawn into the spider’s web.” (page 47). 

Translated: It is my sense of humor. That is what I have. But this is the fascinating part and I will look into this again soon, but a sense of humor is inherited. My parents, who so abused and neglected me, also gave me the ability to rise above their maltreatment. Well, sort of. There are the litters of men. (hahahaha). 
Me, according to Steven, and me and the five guys will follow. 

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