Some Things Never Change But Some Things Do; A Journey through Prior Blogs accompanied by a Story of Now; Night Noise; Goodbye Son; Me and My Bear

It is possible for me to be both light hearted and very serious. My last posting was very serious so i will lighten it up a bit today but goodness knows where it will go tomorrow. That is one reason why this silly blog is so flipping popular, well that and the fact I am funny. 

Some of you are new readers and are, therefore, not aware of the history. It began in London on January 22, 2017. I had moved to London in September of 2014 and slowly, over time became quite the fox or something. Do not ask my how or why but I became a man magnet. This is one thing that has apparently not changed. Proof of my magnetism is contained in the February 1, 2017 post. But a small portion shall be repeated here: My first appointment at the London Clinic was with a doctor who can remain nameless. He did say that it was the strangest and the funniest medical consultation he had during his entire career. I asked that doctor why I was so popular these days with men. He said: “It is because there is a shortage of sexy 73 year old women in London.” What does remain the same? Today at the Medina Cafe a man said:”You are the sexiest 74 year old woman I have ever met! (I had a birthday in the meantime and I never lie about my age.) I am not overwhelmed my the compliment – there is not a lot of competition. 
I can occasionally become homeless but there are always solutions to be found. February 7, 2017 discusses the use of a hammock in a grocery store. It is still a viable alternative if I go to London to visit and promote my Tate Book. The renewed invitation can be found in the blog of September 28, 2017. 
I am extremely vindictive. I said of some of the inhabitants of Dolphin Square in the January 28, 2017 post. “The smaller the cheese the more savage the mice.” Such is the fate of the losers who live here, never quite rising above their humble station in life.” But my vindictiveness towards those people took a strange and unusual turn when I suggested to a friend that he acquire Dolphin Square. He did decline but would that not be fun! To return to Dolphin Square and in triumphant Shakespearian fashion say to the mortals that insulted me: “Out damned spot, out I say! .” (I have been compared to Lady MacBeth). 
I follow through with things and am loyal and faithful to those that care about me. Dr, Woolfson suggested physical therapy for my arthritic knees in the blog post of February 2, 2017. I traveled all the way to Vancouver, found Hottie at the Equinox and the rest, they say, is history. Please see blog post of September 27,2017. No pain and such leg musculature you have never before seen. 

Hottie and Five Trainers at Equinox: Can I touch your leg and feel your muscles. 

Me: Yes, please 

They: Wow! We are really impressed! 

Me: Thanks. I owe it all to Hottie AND ME! 
I make new friends, early and often. This interchange emerged from my second visit to the Cafe Medina. I chatted up a wonderful young Brazilian woman. She showed me pictures of her Dad who is super cute (and age appropriate) and perhaps coming to visit her in December. This is our text of two days ago; 

She: Medina is delicious. I admire your blog…I told about your blog to my friends who are in Brazil. I told them how amazing you are. Cheerful, young, beautiful

Me: You are so wonderful to me. May I blog this day after tomorrow? And there is always your Dad. (hahahaha) 

She: Of course. I told my father of you today. I said that if you meet each other you will laugh a lot together. 

Me: Wonderful. Does he speak English or will we have to use sign language. (hahahahaha) 

She: Hahahahahaha He speak English 

Me: Phew.  
I simply must remember this and not get too grouchy. In the words of Mark Twain: “Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed.” This is another quote from the gift book of Triple S.  
But some things are changing. I have new friends because I live in a new place and many of the old ones disappeared, or I guess fell away. But such a wonderful group (nay it is an entire Army) of new friends. The sweet man who spent so much time helping me with my quandary relating to this blog for one. And we absolutely must NOT forget CCC who so sweetly replied when I said that were were like two ships that pass in the night. “ Then you are the QueenE2, I am the Tug Boat.” So I tenderly call him Tug Boat every once in awhile, whether he needs or want it or not.


But some things do change. I try to be calmer and practice grace. I do need a lot of help but I am gradually getting it. Last Saturday night at 3:30 there was such noise – drunken revelers yelling, traffic noise, no muffler noise (pet peeve). I sent off an incendiary email to a far away land and received the following gentle response: “Alexis, Vancouver is a city and compared to most it is quiet as there are not as many cars and not as much honking.” I did not back off immediately but replied: “My friend Lynne says that this is the edge of the entertainment district and that makes it worse and the city did not take back the late curfew at the conclusion of the Olympics.” But then I saw reason and said: “OK – I will find my ear plugs, close the window and listen to White Noise on my phone on Saturday nights” This Saturday I did what I said I would do. I closed all of the black out drapes, closed the door to the bedroom, put in my ear plugs and turned on the sounds of waves crashing on the beach. The revelers are out there but it is distant, I am fine and I love the waves crashing on my phone. So all is well – not only well but better. 
Son the Crooner is off to the Philippines. He sent the following text: 

Son: I will miss you big time my mothership,

Me: OK please keep in touch. The Mothership 

I have a rather unusual life. And why? Mostly because I never had children. The picture is of me and my bear with the cute name. 

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