Beginning the Day Learning of Las Vegas; More Fun at Equinox; Civic Reform; and Encounters on the Streets of Vancouver

Yesterday my morning began with an email emanating from a far off land. 
He: Yes, of course there are things that irritate us here and there, but in the grand scheme of things, they are really first world problems. There are many people in the world that are facing much greater problems. We have to be grateful for how good we have it. For example today the news about Las Vegas, and of all places a country music festival?

Me: I do not know of what you speak, the Las Vegas incident? I must do some investigation.
I immediately got around to it and found out what had happened in those Excited States of America and later responded. 
Me: I learned later today what you were talking about. It is appalling. I do not know if you have ever heard me answer the question “Why did you come back to Canada rather than go to the USA?

Me ( I say): For two reasons. The first with no gun control – you might as well go live in a shooting gallery. 

I have studied the question of gun control in the USA extensively and there is no way that there is going to be any gun control in the near future. btw. That country’s political scene is rotten to the core and has been almost since its inception. Five US presidents were slave holders for goodness sake. I feel blessed to be in Canada after fifty years. 

He: The US definitely got problems. It’s never easy to be the world superpower. We are very blessed in Canada. It is really the promised land in a lot of ways.

Me: I definitely agree with you! Canada is the land of promise these days. Their immigration policy is far fairer than others. My friend Bruce sent me an interesting Globe and Mail article about the immigration policies a few months ago and it was VERY encouraging. By that time I had reassumed my Canadian citizenship. 
So, it is sort of cheating to include an email conversation in a blog. But I have resolved the issue. As long as you basically have the permission of the individual, not name them and it is not a private matter THEN it is ok. I have my ethics after all.


But speaking of ethics, the City of Vancouver strikes again in its corrupt ways. This is how I discovered more corruption. The days that I have a gym appointment I leave my apartment and walk to the Equinox. I passed by a food truck and, of course, talked with them.(and gave them my blog card). We were discussing the filming crews that were taking over Vancouver. (please see me blog os September , 2017 where I became a force) Food trucks have to pay for parking on the street and selling food. But when a filming is taking place, the City abruptly moves them, The revenues dip in the remote location but they are not reimbursed. So the City of Vancouver double dips – they are paid the concession fee AND the filming fee. I am outraged and tell the food truck owner that I have a plan. it is this: take the City of Vancouver to Small Claims Court for the lost revenue. I used to be a lawyer, retiring twelve years ago. I was a USA attorney but I can help them make a claim in Small Claims Court. 

Me: This is a great city but it could be a magnificent city. But there is so much stupidity and corruption. 

They: Right on! You Go Girl. 

Me: I will 

Then I walked further to see a man spit on the street. I sweetly said: 

Me: You should not be spitting in the street.

He: Shut Up. 

Me; No 
Then a girl looking at her cell phone almost ran me down. 

Me: Excuse me.

She: Huh? (with a stupid expression on her face)

Me If I had not said Excuse Me, you would have run me over because you were looking at your phone. 

She: (said nothing  but “I am sorry” would have been the proper response.) 
After all of that conversation (including insults) I arrived at the Equinox and was greeted by a new employee who I quite adore. She reads my blogs, alerts her friends to read my blogs. She went to Uni in Boulder, Colorado, hailing from Denver. My maternal great-great grandfather was an original founder of Fort Collins, Colorado. She and I are going to be buddies. Her name is Shaylin. There is a slight age difference but I seem to specialize in age differences. Then I met up with Hottie and we trained indoors. I am match making – finding a girlfriend for Hottie. 
So as you can see I am busy. Civic reformer, friend, force of nature, match maker, blogger, emailer, author, adoptive mother of four with 74 grandchildren.  
The picture is the view from my apartment window – of what I do not know. 

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