It is So Handy Having a Son; A Way to Fund the Son’s Daycare; The Story of a Bear and the Boxes

Yesterday having a son came in SO handy. Two boxes had arrived from Guelph, Ontario. It is a rather long story but I will try and make it short. When I left England for Canada I had very different plans in mind. I was not planning to make Vancouver my home but was thinking of living in Toronto. I was going to travel across Canada, stopping in Regina to finish the biography of uncle, then hop on the train and end up in Toronto. Then maybe go back to London on a Visitor’s Visa. That did not happen and there is an interesting story behind that. (more later). I shipped my fall clothes to Eastern Canada thinking I would mate up with them there in the fall. But, lo and behold, I am stuck in Vancouver. So poor Bruce, who lives in Guelph, had to ship the boxes back here. (I do love the fact that Guelph is the home of the jock strap. It is a strange fact but true). 

So the boxes arrived at the West Georgia post office and I am an old lady and even if I go to the gym I do not have that many muscles yet. Son the Crooner texted when he got up, just in the nick of time. 

Me: Please Son. Meet me at the post office on Granville Street. I need help with boxes. 

Son: Yes Mothership. I will be there in thirty minutes. 

Me: I have got to get dressed but I think I can make it on time. 
By the way, I have no idea why he calls me Mothership. So I was standing in the line up at the post office making people laugh. Some man said to the helpful woman behind the counter.  

Man: One dollar and ten cents to Saskatoon? I remember when it cost 3 cents 

Me: Well, back then it took three weeks for the letter to get there. Well, come to think – it probably still does. 
So everyone is laughing away and Son arrives in the nick of time. He grabs the boxes, we go on the escalator, he gets a cart, we find a taxi and like magic – the two boxes are in the hallway of my apartment. Son is in a very good mood. He loves the slippery floors in my apartment. He skates back and forth: 

Son: Mothership! Thank you for the new playground. 

Me; You are welcome, my Son. But give me the address so that people could please donate to your school if they want to. 

Son: Mothership. I will write it down for you. 
It is: Ceasar T. Chico. TD Canada Trust. Transit No. 00600 Inst. No 004. Account # 6513251
Did Mothership put her money where her mouth is? Now that is a stupid expression. But yes, Mothership did. That is because she is a good mother and rather generous although technically she is not a mother. 
Here is another story. It is the story of a bear. Three years ago when I left California to go to London my friend Colette gave me a bear. It was not an ordinary bear – it was a bear that was really a neck rest that folded up into a bear. It was darling, it was perfect. The bear travelled with me. But I lost it. Not only that – I replaced it. Then I lost replacement bear. I was being a looser. However, I was on Davies Street three days ago and there was the bear in a store so, of course, Of course I HAD to buy it. Of course I took a picture of me and the bear and sent it to Colette. I did name the bear but it is a private name and I am not telling. It is a cute name. So the picture is of the bear sitting on top of the boxes. Cute, eh? I so hate eh, but it is perfect in this context. Eh? 

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