Reflections; Days of Olde in London; My Kingdom for a Hammock; The Fate of Dolphin Square; Back to the Introduction and a Happy Ending

I received the following email from a friend in London. “Hello my friend. Nothing has changed at Dolphin Square it’s same old nothing new thing… We still have the hammock ready for when you come lol.” That’s great to hear you are happy at your new place and nice to hear about your friend…. now if you excuse me I gotto rush off just to read your blog 😀 chat soon x” 
This is the story about the hammock. I was “evicted’ from Dolphin Square (not really, but very complicated). I had no where to live. My friend works for her brother who owns the grocery store in Dolphin Square. We decide there will be a solution to my homeless problem. I will get a hammock and at night I can sleep in the grocery store. It will be a win/win solution because the groceries will be close at hand and I could just snack away all night. I had almost forgotten about the hammock. I need to remind myself that I have been so blessed during the last two years of my life – surrounded by such caring people. Strangers but better friends than I EVER have had, and as you can see, they remain my friends. I fired back an email: 

“Love to be in touch! I cannot wait to come home to my hammock!! I will weep! I just have to do some more edits on the Tate book so that I can be sure to be there soon. x Alexis 

By the way the ‘sad’ story of Dolphin Square can be found on this blog. Brother, is that place poorly run. But it is not my problem. My new apartment is expertly run, spotlessly clean, relatively new (2001) with contract provisions for its tenants that are fair and enforceable. I do miss London, but I am four blocks from the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Orpheum is just around the corner and the library is three blocks away. Bliss!
But this is the incredible back story to Dolphin Square. As you know (see blog of September 14, 2017) Joo Kim Tiah and I are email buddies. So one day I was in a devilish mood and decide to email him and suggest that he buy Dolphin Square, telling him to look it up on Google. Well, he does but decides that he does not want to expand to London right now and if so would only do a hotel. I remind him that Dolphin Square does have a hotel, Dolphin House. But advising Joo Kim Tiah on real estate investments is not my job – he has great numbers of people who do that for him. What is SO, SO amazing is that this is the truth, all of it. Nothing but the truth. 
But here is the other side of me. I am rewriting the Introduction to the Tate Book. I emailed CCC this morning, telling him of my plans for the day.. 

Me: I am rewriting Introduction to the Tate book. It is difficult because I am describing my emotional state when the project began and it is not pretty! It is two sentences at a time. I have to stop as it is so painful. I am reliving it as I write. It does have a happy ending but it takes awhile to get there. Pajama Queen 
But there is other encouraging news from London. Matthew, the fabled boss man of the Rex Whistler Restaurant in the Tate Britain wrote to me yesterday: 

Matthew: It is you we wait for

I admit that I started to cry when I read that. But it was not tears of sorrow. 
So I must end this blog post and get to work on the Introduction, painful as it is. As we know, it will have a happy ending. The picture is me on Canada Day with my painted face which is supposed to resemble the Canadian flag. It does shave years off, I look 39 but I guess it would be a bit much to do it every day. That day was the Happy Ending. So there! So there! So there! 

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