Welcome Back: General Hilarity at the Trump; the New Apartment and a Chance Encounter at the Medina Cafe

So this time there was not a red carpet, no flowers, no champagne, nor trumpets awaiting me at the Trump but I was made to feel welcomed by all of the staff when i returned to Vancouver. Many hugs, a couple of kisses and scores of Welcome Backs. (I am not really back as I now have an apartment and will begin a life approximating normalcy.) As usual good old CCC led the charge: Me: Can you tell I have had some work done? 

CCC: Where?

Me: On my cheeks 

CCC: You didn’t go Kardashian on me did you? 

Me: No, silly my face!!! Not my butt!!! 
Honestly, the things we do for love. But the next chapter of my life was about to begin as I ended being a hotel rat and began being an apartment dweller, I called friend Lynne with the news. She responded by email.

“Dear Ex Trump Tower Long Term Guest and New Official Vancouver Resident – Got your phone message and congratulations! Tempting to send balloons, but the Vancouver Parks Board is mulling banning them and we wouldn’t want one to escape. Does the suite come with Everything (but the view) or is there Anything you need? And I never saw the view! I am asking about the concrete, of course, not any other ” stuff”.  
But friends, Romans, countrymen I need nothing and naught. This is the most incredible apartment in the world and it comes with absolutely everything. I need nothing. I have things I have never in my life ever had. The apartment is completely, thoroughly and beautifully furnished with gorgeous art on the walls. The walls are a gorgeous grey with white moulding, there is a washer and dryer forcing me to do my laundry (drat) but there is a dishwasher and a fridge that is taller than I am. (London has those stupid short things.). Mirrors, microwave, a gas stove, an oven, granite counters, a posh bed, black out curtains, two televisions. You name it, I have got it. This apartment marks the end of about three years of nomadic existence and it feels like utter heaven. Somehow the Telus man figures out how I can constantly listen to chamber music. My wifi works – all is well. 
I look out the window and there is a Seymour Street sign. I fire off an email to Joo Kim as I remember his office is on Seymour Street. “I am so happy. I overlook Seymour Street and I note that you are only three blocks away. Oops forgot! You are in Malaysia. I laugh in delight. This place has everything. Noisier than the Trump but I will adjust. Waiting for the Telus guy but content. Alexis” He efficiently responds saying that indeed I am right and his offices are but two blocks away. I love the location. I go out and about, visiting restaurants and grocery stores. I receive at least ten or twelve: “Welcome to the Neighborhood” responses from people who are warm and inviting. Phew!! I have windows that open. All is finally right with the world. But I do complain. “There is no CCC!” He, however remains in email contact and occasionally we chat. 

He: My breakfast suggestion would be The Medina Cafe, it is close to where you live. 

Me: Yes sir! How exactly do I get there. 
So he told me, I went there and then there is a great story that you are about to read. But I also, not to be too exclusive, also email with Triple P at the Trump International Hotel. Triple P, when not working, lives in my neighbourhood. 

Me: I breakfasted at Medina. If you see CCC get the story of that! Wow!!!!!! Alexis 

Triple P: how did you manage to get in!? The line up is always too long. 

Me: My personal charm, silly and the fact that I was only one and I forced people to queue. Watch me take over your neighbourhood. Hahahaha. The Next Mayor of Vancouver.  

Triple P. i should have known better! gotta watch out for you indeed! how did you like the food? 

Me: The food was fantastic!! Yum Yum. 
Now here is the story of My Breakfast with Andrew J. West. i arrive, hordes of people, crying babies. In other words, not a pretty picture. But I queued and bossed others into line. Sebastian, from New Zealand, told me I could sit at the bar or wait for a table. 

Me: Well, the problem with the bar is that guys keep trying to pick me up when I sit at the bar and I am 74. But it is morning so I guess I can risk it. 

Sebastian: Well here you are. And I will try and keep the stool next to you vacant so they will not be tempted. 

Me: Thank you. But if someone handsome and with a lot of money shows up, you could possibly sit him there. 

Sebastian: I will try my best. 
I noted, in my peripheral vision, that the guy sitting next to me was rather cute but he was young and he was busy on his phone. But then I started to blab away and got into a conversation with him. I told him that I had just moved into a new apartment, that I had a blog and that I lived in London (England) for two and a half years. He said that he was in Vancouver working on a television series. I gradually let him get a word in edgewise and asked more questions learning that the television series was “Once In a Lifetime.” (I do not watch television so this is not an area of expertise.) He said that this is the seventh series.

Me: So what do you do? What line of work are you in?

He: I am an actor.

Me: Well, you are handsome enough to be one. 

He: Thank you.

Me; What is your name?

He: Any Andrew West
Well, I came home to my apartment, Googled and almost fainted. He is a big deal. He is Andrew J. West AND he said that he would follow my blog. Could life get any better? Nope. 
Then I left the restaurant and saw this bizarre fountain at L”Hermitage Hotel I laughed like crazy with the bellman.  

Me: I love it. It is so ugly it is beautiful. 

He: I agree. It looks like Trump. 

Me: Goodness gracious it does. The Trump International Hotel should get one – a knock off. 
A picture of the fountain is attached to this posting.  

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