Back Home Well Sort Of; A N.S.N. Joke; a Newlywed Joke; a CCC Joke and Interesting Encounters with Asian Men and Their Sons

I readily admit that I am writing this from the LL of the Trump International Hotel but there is a reason for this. It is because I cannot make the wifi work in the apartment of the hot young man (who shall remain nameless) that I am staying with. The Trump is sort of a hop, skip and a jump away from my temporary headquarters. 

I came back to the Trump International Hotel yesterday. While in California I found this hoodie that is emblazoned with McBride so I wore it when I hopped, skipped and jumped back to the Trump. The hoodie is also emblazoned with coffee stains. I asked CCC what the shirt said: 

CCC. It says Americano, latte, black with sugar and cream etc.

Me: Smartie Pants! There are quite a few stains on this hoodie, I do admit.

CCC: You can say that again. 

Me: Smartie Pants.. There are quite a few stains on this hoodie, I do admit.  
They assembled staff said that they did not need the hoodie. In the words of a nine year old three months ago.”Of course, I remember you!” But one of the finest jokes of the morning had to come from N.S.N. I was showing off a bracelet that was residing in a safety deposit box in California but was rescued by yours truly and placed on her left arm. 

N.S.N. I got one just that. It came with the Chicken Pesto on Uruguayan Airlines. 
You are respectfully referred to the post of August 26, 2017 to get the joke. This interchange actually just took place. 

Newlywed: How did we survive without you. 

CCC: (chiming in) Did you say without you or with you? 

Me: Shut up. 
I went to brunch yesterday at the Market to hear Omar Khan my favorite musician in the world and to eat, of course. It was there I observed the following phenomena. Adjacent to my table for one there was a larger table with about eight people, all of Asian origin. All were women, except a little boy of about ten and then later an adult man. Everyone was on their smartphone, paying attention to no one. The little boy was exhibiting bad manners and phone hoarding. I did walk over and say in a super friendly manner that it was interesting to see them all on their phones. I told them I had a blog and had commented on smart phone usage and its effect on teenagers. I did say that it was fine for older children but could be catastrophic for the little boy. We then went on to discuss the fact that all were eating in the British manner. I wondered if they came from Hong Kong which had more British influence. But they said that they came from mainland China. So all of that is curious but this is what happened next. The man motioned to the young boy and they walked away from the table. He affectionately rubbed the head of the boy but then they had a serious conversation which went on for some time. He affectionately rubbed the little boy’s head again and they came back to the table. The little boy had been remonstrated, that was clear. He sat obediently at the table, he was sad. I was impressed and left the man a note saying that I was moved by his actions. But I do have a question. No one said anything to the young women. Why was that? 
Later last evening I was at the Mott 32 Restaurant. An Asian father stood before the busy open kitchen with his young son in his arms. I walked over and commented on how caring that was, the little boy whose name I learned was Hunter was fascinated with all of the activity. Hunter was initially shy with me but we warmed each other up and ended up exchanging tens of blow kisses. He was so sweet. When I left I went to the table to say goodbye. Hunter’s mother was pregnant, this time with a girl.The family lives in Vancouver as I do now. Maybe we will run into one another again. I would love to do more blow kisses with little Hunter. I am sure he would also love to blow kiss with a strange white haired woman. I was telling my temporary roomie about the incident. 

Me; So I gave the title boy blow kisses. Not a blow job 

He: Well, thank goodness for that. 
I think I had better get a move on as I have to go and throw more stuff in the suitcase. Next call a cab and then go to my apartment. I am happy, happy, happy. I will have wifi there. Phew! 

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