Statistical Analysis; Joy in Greenbrae, A Great Taxi Ride; A Loser Flight Attendant; But Back in Vancouver( the city I love)

I asked my guy Chris for my numbers and he efficiently provided the same. The last thirty days 2,853 people making 10,469 hits. Also since its inception (January 22, 2017) 19,759 visitors making 83,994 visits. Wowsers!! The dearest message from Triple P of the Trump. I had alerted him of the last posting: “read it just now! you’re such a writer. in a great way. i thought of you when i was walking back home from the gym today. Its the perfect weather – not too hot and not too cold. Looks like we will be having a beautiful autumn! “I wrote back: “I can’t wait to autumn with you.” Triple P lives three blocks from my new abode. When I told him of my apartment lease I said there was good news and bad news. “The good news is that I found a great apartment; the bad news is that the property values in your neighborhood just went down.”

I laughed and so did he.  
The trouble with not blogging every day is that I get behind in the tale of my life and then end up missing things. So now I have to go back three days (or is it two). Magical things happened in Greenbrae, California. I found the key to the safety deposit box (hallelujah) and so could go to the Chase Private Client Bank and retrieve stuff. It was such fun, wonderful Brenda helped me and we laughed and carried on. What I got from there will be grist for the mill of tomorrow and there will be a joke from N.S.N. of the Trump International Hotel. But after the safety deposit box I was walking to my favorite shoe store that is located in that shopping centre and who should I run into? My financial planner who, as you see in this posting, is very good looking. He was having lunch from the food truck with his friend Kevin. His friend Kevin was born in Malaysia. 

Now that is pretty amazing as Joo Kim Tiah was born in Malaysia as well. Such a coincidence. So I ate some of Nicholas’ left over salad and we joked and laughed. Then to the shoe store called Sole Desire where I purchased a great new pair of shoes. I thought they were Bernie Mev’s but I guess they are a knock off – but they are great. Then, as I was still hungry, I went to Patxi’s Pizza. I love that place. I had been there the day before and had the Whole Hog Piadine, a unique and delicious dish. Maximillian was my waiter and we had such an enlightening conversation. But on Friday I had the chicken wings – perfectly cooked, perfectly. Then it was time to turn in the rental car. I always rent from Enterprise on Irwin in San Rafael. They are great so helpful, so courteous. It was then an act of mercy which I will not blog about – some things have to be private. While on the errand of mercy a got a telephone call from S.E.E. told me that my glasses were ready – four new pair. I do love glasses, I so love S.E.E. and I have so many pair of their glasses I got one pair free. 
Then I cleverly figured out what to do and I called Sunset Cab and the great owner said he would be so happy to give me a ride to the airport with a stop off at S.E.E. to pick up my glasses. I used that taxi when I was at the dreadful Hilton Embassy Suites which shows that even if something is really bad good things can come from it. I got to the airport super early and ate at the Yankee Pier and had the most amazing conversation with the woman sitting next to me. But the conversation started on a negative note because I was complaining about these loud and obnoxious men that were sitting in the corner. But she brought me around and I was able to see that those men just might have some strong points. We spoke of many things. She is going through a transition period. I think I have landed from an intense three year long transition period. I have my wonderful apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

I got on the airplane, a United flight with an absolutely obnoxious flight attendant. But in the long run I won as I got the golf cart to customs and was whisked through like magic and did not have to walk a million miles. Then I jumped into a cab which brought me to an apartment in the West End, four blocks from the Trump International Hotel with a view of the Trump Tower. Can life get any better? No. Whose apartment is this? Stay tuned and perhaps I will tell, if I have his permission. Onward with he day – music, a blow dry (not job), coffee with Son, the Crooner and then dinner plans. Anon 
The picture is of me and Nicholas, my financial planner. 

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