My Life is Unqualifiedly Strange Even Without the Blog But With It ?!?!?!; Emails of the Morning; and Quotes from Not So Fast Canadian

I remain in California in residence at the home of my friend Pat. That, I suppose, is not that strange but what goes on in this guest bedroom is most unusual. I sent off the following email.
Subject: What are the you tube numbers pray tell???

I am sure you have access to that. My ego guy. The Id 
As usual, in his stunningly efficient manner, he sends a response.

He: The video? Just checked it around 4,400 views. which is not bad considering it hasn’t been out for so long and it’s a 10 min video. 
I send back an email talking about my numbers, and the fact that this trip of mine probably led to viewers who would not otherwise be watching it. I hand my blog cards out like candy to people in the USA who would not ever be watching or caring about a building in Canada. New viewers to this blog site may need a little assistance. I emailed Joo Kim Tiah, who immediately responded. The subject of the conversation and statistical analysis is the video posted on the August 26, 2017 blog. The video features Joo Kim Tiah. He and I are friends, sort of pen pals because we email all of the time. Now he is away and I am in California but we always have emailed even when we lived in the same city. Vancouver. Its all his fault – he started it. Although I am sure he is living to regret it. He does not read the blog, as he hilariously responded to my question: “I have enough trouble keeping up with your emails.” He does an admirable job. 
So that is strange enough but then I emailed friend Jennifer who is off to London and then emailed Matthew of the Rex Whistler restaurant asking him to bring his copy of my Tate Britain book to work one day so that Jennifer can use it to look at the paintings in the Permanent Collection. She must (and will) eat at the Rex Whistler Restaurant, my favorite restaurant in the whole world. It is very ably managed by Matthew, a young whippersnapper of only 29. 
Of course, I had to email CCC, I used to see him everyday but now I am in California. So I email him instead. This was our interchange. 

Me: Good morning my dear, You must be having a day off by now. If you are at work say hello to everyone for me. 

He: Good Morning Alexis, yes I will pass on your well wishes to the team of course. I am actually here for 14 days straight so if you had of been here I would of seen you everyday and you would not ask where is CCC hahaha.Glad that this trip has been a beneficial one and successful for you. Kind regards

Me: You probably will not be at work the day I, your royal Queen, need you. Off with someone’s head….The Emperor’s I Guess. Saw a great video of Henry last night – he and all of his wives. I guess that is why I thought about chopping somebody’s head off. It probably is a good idea that I do not watch television every much. 
Then an email from Son, the Crooner who said:” I love our picture in the blog mother 😀I see you soon 😘” He was speaking of the picture attached to yesterday’s posting. Cousin Gail emailed saying that she already knew that I was staying at a friend’s house because she had read my blog from the day before. 
There were other emails as well, of a more private nature. I walked into Pat’s living room, picked up the July 31, 2017 New Yorker magazine and about died laughing reading an article written by Bruce McCall called Not So Fast, Canadian. It has the funniest lines. For example: That hunky young Canadian Prime Minister makes Trump look like a used-car salesman.” This line so kills me as well. He speaks of the ‘brain drain” of Canadian comics going to New York and Los Angeles. They should be stopped at the border, their brains examined “in the hope of uncovering a “humor gene” that can be sold to the Americans so they can start growing their own damn jokesters.” I love this sentence. “Self-effacement is as Canadian as not going out on Saturday nights.” He says that behind your backs we Canadians say: “Americans are all fat, spoiled blowhards with too much money and not enough maple syrup.” Bruce ends the article by saying: “It’s ugly. And it’s as Canadian as poutine at a bonspiel.” 
I do ponder my sense of humor. I was born in Canada so I guess I am a Canadian comic. So there, So there, So there. 
I have a thrilling day planned. (joke). The storage place, the safety deposit box but then the dentist where I will get my gap back and get my teeth cleaned. If you want to read about that underlying story type “Mind the Gap.” into the search engine. 
The picture is one of an extremely ugly building in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Compare it with Joo Kim Tiah’s building, the subject of the video. 

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