Alexis does Drama Queen on West Georgia in the Middle of the Day on Sunday, a Funny Card, Coupled with an Outing

Scene: August 27, 2017
Place: West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Time: 12:45
I am having brunch at the rival hotel across the street from the Trump International Hotel at their restaurant called The Market. It is a wonderful scene, the deck is even rather leafy with trees and everything. There is a view of Joo Kim Tiah’s wonderful building. There are advantages to getting out of Trump Tower because then you can see it. It is rather paradoxical. I once wrote of that phenomena from Edmonton, Alberta saying: “I am now out of it but I cannot see it because I am not that far sighted.” I do admit that I am funny. It was not only leafy but my wonderful musician is playing, as he does every Sunday. It is heaven but I am in a bit of a hurry because I am having Vicki at Suki’s blow dry my hair at 1 (or 1300 if you are from London). So I rush out of the building so I will be sure to be on time for my appointment. Some people (like the Emperor) are constantly late but they are passive aggressive, in my humble opinion. (Type passive aggressive in the search engine and you will see my profound thoughts on the matter.)

Some other people, like Alexis McBride and Joo Kim Tiah are on time and at times have been known to be one minute early.
Those not from Vancouver may not be aware of this awful fact but some movie is being filmed here. It sounds all rather fine but it absolutely is NOT. It creates profound traffic problems constantly. If I drove I would be SO mad but I don’t and walk everywhere. There was a bit of a problem when I was on a training session with Hottie a little while back but it was not that severe and Hottie got me out of there quickly and efficiently/
West Georgia was closed for the filming. I knew that and was temporarily quite grateful as I could jay walk across the street without being run over by cars and motorcycles without mufflers. But it was only on half of the street. People were hanging on the street watching the proceedings. “Get a life people” I said to myself.
So I walk out of the Market after a delicious brunch and some woman tells me I cannot walk down the street because they are filming:

Me: Tell them to wait for a minute. I will walk fast but I will be late for my appointment if I don’t walk this way.

Some guy: Stop you cannot walk down this street because they are filming.

Me: Try and stop me.

Policeman: You can’t walk down this street.

Me: I am. Go ahead arrest me!

Somebody becomes placating and tries to be polite

Me: I don’t care!

He: Well I care.

Me: You are paid to care. I am not!
About this time I turn right off West Georgia as there is a cross street. There is a vast crowd of people with nothing to do with their time standing around like cattle. I yell: Read about this on my blog.
So I made it to my appointment on time and now look super cute, it I do say so myself. And this time I did not cry (secret story). I went back to the Trump International Hotel and told them of my exploits. CCC was highly amused.

CCC. You are going to be in the movie. The credits will contain your name with the proviso “No Animals were Harmed in the Filming of This Movie.

Me: Be in the movie. I AM the movie. It would be a lot more interesting than what it already is.
But this is my complaint about all of this and is yet another reason why I am rethinking and actually planning to become the Mayor of Vancouver. There is no doubt (well I hope so anyway) that the film company pays money to the City for the filming. But it is probably not enough and people and businesses pay for the streets, the bridges, the sidewalks so that they can get around. Then they can’t because of the filming and everyone’s lives are delayed and screwed up. Does the mayor and his cronies think of that. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Will I as Mayor of Vancouver think of that. Of course I will: I do so pledge. This city needs me. The signage here is totally inadequate for one thing. Catching the SkyTrain or anything is impossible. Why are there no taxi stands near SkyTrain stops – pray tell! What are those politicians thinking? Lining their own pockets that is what. Watch out Vancouver. I can be for force, just ask the people at Trump International Hotel.
I found the attached card at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Now go back and read the August 5th blog. So that is what makes the card so funny and let the record reflect I was not trying to pick this guy up. He was trying to pick me up and he utterly failed. And his name was GW and he is from O he said. Such fun to out him. That is the problem with associating with men with power. Other men, with no loyalty to either themselves, other men or the woman involved say: “I am going to steal her” You did not Mr Walsh, you did not. But the bubble bath cartoon is so funny – it decorates a T shirt and a mug. I do look cute in the cartoon.

Score: Alexis 1,0000

Mr. W: 0
In a recent YouTube watching I heard Joo Kim Tiah say: “Don’t mess with me!” Darn, I thought that was my line. I guess I can share.

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