Day Five of Radioactivity; Statistics That Amaze, Requiring New Direction and a Link to a You Tube Showing a Great Video (actually three videos if it works right)

So today is Day Five of my new found status: Radioactivity. . I used my fingers and toes to count discovering that I could have made travel plans for Monday, I am so math challenged as to be pathetic. Oh well! Leaving on Tuesday is going to work, that is IF CCC comes back to work tomorrow. He usually gets Saturday off I thought. It is so confusing – it makes me want to bring back slavery because then he would always have to be hanging around. Just kidding about the slavery. What does indentured servitude mean anyway? I think it is the same thing but more polite.Terribly British. 
It was about to be the seven month (math, math always math) anniversary of the blog so I asked wonderful Chris for my statistics, even though I got them just two weeks ago. Blew my mind! The most amazing statistic is the last 30 day numbers showing that there were 

3,882 visitors making 16,465 visits. The numbers are burgeoning (what I lack in math skills I make up for in vocabulary). As Joo Kim Tiah so sagely said just this morning: “You can’t please everyone.” Such a wise man. 
But the popularity of the blog is placing me in a difficult position a concept I learned from Joo Kim Tiah. He spoke of something called sphere of influence. I now have a sphere of influence because thousands of people read the blog. But I cannot stop there according to him. I have to use this sphere of influence to do some good. Then when I do that I will be successful. I have somewhat toyed with this idea recently, it has been in the back of my mind. But when I heard him say those words it crystallized my thinking and narrowed my focus. I do spread good by entertaining people and making them laugh. That is good, no doubt. But it is a quick fix for those people, it does not take. I have to do something else. I have taken baby steps in prior blogs speaking of issues like misogyny, passive aggressive behavior, lack of mufflers on expensive cars and motorcycles, women ignoring their babies for cell phones, the protection provided women by head scarves, wise thoughts about Trump and the so called American dream, the devastating effect of so-called creative writing programs. However, I do need to focus and do more and better things. I will and I promise.
Where did those wise words from Joo Kim Tiah come from? He did not whisper them in my ear (unfortunately). They came from YouTube and the link will be provided in this blog. Listen to all three of the videos. The first and newest one which is the VERY best but also the other two – Joo Kim by himself drumming and exercising and the one with him and Ivanka Trump. They are inspirational, anyway they inspired me and I am a difficult case. Tomorrow or the next day I will tell you how they inspired me in a whole different way enabling me to perhaps finish the book about my precious Uncle Dave Dryburgh the sports writer from Saskatchewan (or maybe not). It is an amazing story and it is true. I always tell the truth. So there! So there! So there!
So CCC is not here and yet again forgot to take me with him. BUT N.S.N. definitely rose to the occasion. 

N.S.N. I do not understand this. All the hotel rooms in San Francisco were booked but now there are vacancies and they are offering rooms very cheaply. 

Me: That is great because I am going there. I can get a cheap room. 

N.S.N. (says nothing and shakes his head in an amused fashion)

Me: Oh, I got it! You are saying that everyone is leaving there and abandoning the city because I am going there! I hate you, you are funnier than I am. 

N.S.N. What airline will be flying Ms. McBride? 

Me: I am not telling you! But i will give you a hint. It starts with a U. 

N.S.N. United? 

Me: No! Uruguay! (well once in a long while I do lie when it is totally necessary,) 
The Link: 

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