Waking Up in a Strange Bed

I think that I am going to make this my only title. It is definitely eye catching and makes people wonder what in the world I am doing. I promise, on a stack of bibles, that when I find out I will let you all know. 

So Indeed this is a strange bed – well strange compared to the nineteenth floor of the Trump International Hotel. Room 1908 to be precise. I got my rear end out of there. Not only my rear end, but all of me and all of my possessions. Yes indeed, I am no longer the Mascot of the Trump International Hotel. I wonder if they will put a plaque on the door that says “Alexis McBride slept here” and charge extra for the privilege of sleeping there? It would be a good idea, marketing people. I guess they might think of it after they finish fumigating the place. 
But if you think I left on a bad note you are one hundred percent wrong. I wrote the Owner. 

Me: I waved goodbye to your building and said to myself that it will be there when I get back. 

Owner: Yes of course it will. You’re always welcome there. 

This morning I forwarded the exchange to any possible detractors reminding them that he is the Owner and they are not. There is a baseball term that is applicable here and I am, after all, am writing a biography of my uncle the sportswriter. The baseball term is covering your bases. I did it. It is unnecessary, but just in case, it is best to be prepared. 
So I am no longer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I will return there in a couple of weeks. But when I return I will go and live a normal life, or what passes for normal anyway. 

I have a darling apartment in Yaletown – darling, darling darling. AND if it is not ready to move in by the time I get back THEN I have an invitation from a hot man to stay at his place in the interim. And I am NOT telling which man it is. But you rumor mongers it is NOT Joo Kim Tiah. So there! So there! So there! 
That is all for now. I have got to get on with my day. 

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