It is So Much Fun Being Radioactive; Thoughts, Strange and Funny Comments about This Condition Which is Apparently Not Contagious; the Donut Dessert

 So It happened in Monterey a long time ago. Nope, that is the song but the real truth is that it happened in Vancouver a short time ago – only yesterday as a matter of fact. So at about 7:30 a.m. on August 21, 2017 I became radioactive. It was due to injections in the arm, voluntarily agreed to by yours truly. The things you do for love. Well, it was love – self love and inquiring minds wanted to know. The inquiring mind was mine an I needed to know if the incident on Friday was the result of a heart attack or something else. So a shot in the arm with a radioactive isotope was the way to go. In case anyone doubts my radioactivity I have a letter that will get me on planes and across borders. Daughter Triple O suggested I post a copy of it on my blog. I shook my head and threatened to disown her because, as I said, terrorists would copy it and get on planes and blow them up.. OOO: Oh, mother I am sorry! I should have thought of that. 

Me: No problem daughter, but do not let it happen again.
I am very strict on my children as all caring parents are. Otherwise you are raising brats who will prove unsuccessful Rude children will turn into rude adults and turn out bad. That is a truth from the mouth of an actual non parent.  
In the category of the funniest remark made in an email….(drum roll) the prize goes to a McBride fellow (but not the first husband). He wrote: “That is fantastic you are RADIOACTIVE…I am BioHazard… with my Bionic Neck I will have an IMPLANT PASS… so if we jump in a pool full of chlorine together… we will have an amazing freaky day glo Esther Williams Aquatic act for next seasons America’s Got Talent.!!!’
I met this McBride guy at the Trump International Hotel. I have met quite a few crazed people as well but this particular man is wonderful. He said of my blogs that the scans alone rival War and Peace. Future Ex Husband’s fiancee read all 18 pages she said in a text. IMPRESSIVE! 
But onto more wild and crazy remarks made in response to my proud cry: I AM RADIOACTIVE!
Of course CCC had a fantastic response: 

He: There is no geiger counter big enough to measure your hotness! 

Me: How do you spell geiger? 

He: Do I have to do everything?

Me: No I figured it out myself. 
Here are some more. 
Big Zed: Radiate me dear lady. Radiate me.

Me: Do you want a hug? 

Big Zed: Yes! 

Me: OK 
Then someone told me that I looked glowing but I did forget to write down their name. I touched the arm of a person without a nickname and he said. 

He: Now I can fly! 

Me: Please do not do it on my time. What it if does not work?


Master Max (and others) commented as follows: “You are so hot, you are radioactive.” 
Son Gabriel so clever, made more than one response. 

Gabriel: Does that mean you are going to turn into a Hulk. 

Me: I hope so! 


Gabriel: Mother will you be like Spider Man and weave webs? 

Me: Yes son,! Every second day! 
Someone: You are a walking microwave.

Me: Well a walking and talking microwave.  

Someone: You can say that again. 

Me: Walking and talking microwave. 
So there are more responses but at this moment I cannot read my writing. So Alexis thinks she has a heart attack and she doesn’t. AND she makes the very best of it. Son Jay, the wise one, had the best reaction to adversity: “It is how you deal with it that defines you.” 
Then CCC comes to the rescue again talking about those who would deter me: “The McBride Express has left the station and is only moving forward and not backward!” 
So things are changing for me. I owe this quote to SSS’s book, a present. “Thankfully, dreams can change. If we’d all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses.” This was apparently spoken by Stephen Colbert. It is to be remembered that I am a Queen and not a mere Princess. So there! So there! 
The photograph is of the donuts given to me by the wonderful women and their adolescent daughters in the Italian Kitchen just before the heart attack that was not. 

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