I am Ebullient and Retroactive: A Brief and Reassuring Blog with More to Follow

I sent the following (slightly edited) email to someone in a far away place. It was entitled Ebullient and Radioactive . Hi! Happy Day, Happy Day Such good news!! I had my myocardial perfusion scan at St. Paul’s Hospital today. Result???? My heart is fine! But I am radioactive and have a letter to prove it. So I am going to be radioactive for seven days. People’s comments about my radioactivity are so funny and I will blog them. So funny! So, my dear, ebullient is the word of the day and is actually perfect. Everyone (except the Headmaster ) is so happy for me. I came trudging back “home” in my procedure breaks with my i.v.’s on my arm and got tons of support. A picture of my arm will be in tomorrow’s blog. 
So I think I am being told to stick around – for whatever purpose I know not but I guess will find out. Affectionately, Alexis” 
So the picture is of the iv’s in my arm. I am sending this off to Chris in London to post immediately to allay fears. I have a delayed appointment with Hottie and may write the blog after that. But first a jacuzzi. So there! So there! Say tuned, you will die at the funny comments about my radioactivity. Future Ex Husband found a Homer Simpson video about Radioactive Man. I have never seen it before. I am dying with laughter. Oh the joys of being radioactive and having a heart in such fine condition. Bye for now

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