Late Breaking News From the Emergency Room at St.Paul’s Hospital, a Surprise Dessert at Italian Kitchen: Jokes about Laundry and Pallor

 MI awoke this August morn to a slightly flawed view – too many clouds hiding the mountains and it is rather dismally grey. But some rays of sun illuminate the boats at Coal Harbor making then almost shine like gems. It is almost magical.

I awoke and fired off an email to CCC that went something like this. You Are Never Getting A Day Off Ever!. 

Me: Now look what happened???? I am a bit weary after my hours in the emergency room at St. Paul’s but much to the distress of management I am alive. I shall bring laundry down within the hour oh page! Queenie

CCC:What happened?? Is everything ok, I will see you when you come down, I just had the one day and I was working from home.

Me: I am on my way buddy! 
Terrible things happen to me whenever CCC is given days off. He considered taking me with him away from this hotel but seems to forget me on those rare days. Who can blame him? 
So these are the sordid events that led to hours of confinement at St. Paul’s Hospital Emergency Room. I had another incredible dining experience at the Italian Kitchen on Alberni. At some later time I will describe the difference between a great restaurant (Italian Kitchen) and a dreadful restaurant (Black and Blue). Both on Alberni Street. The food and service impeccable at my Italian Kitchen but the highlight for me was described in an email I fired off:  

Me: I am here at Italian Kitchen. I have spoken to an adjoining table of teenagers and mothers about my blog and independence and education, the only way for women. They leave and I ask for dessert menu. They say they gave a dessert to me. The reason I shall share when I quit 😭 crying. Me 

He: I don’t follow you. why are you crying? 

Me: Tears of happiness and awe for being an inspiration to others in a good way. Gratefulness to God! For giving me this gift and opportunity and you. Alexis 
So after that and eating the donuts the wonderful people gave for me I walked down Alberni Street. Life was sweet!! But then I felt a crushing pain in my chest and could not breathe. I, of course, panicked because I knew about women’s heart attacks and how the symptoms can be different than men’s. I walked down the street towards Trump International Hotel but realized I could not make it. But there was my gym, Equinox, the one that thankfully employs Hottie. I went in, they were wonderful and so solicitous. They took me seriously and immediately called an ambulance. I saw someone I knew in the lobby but he rushed off to exercise. The ambulance guys got there, put me on a stretcher, calmed me down, gave me oxygen and there I was at St. Paul’s Hospital Emergency Room. Things were fine to start with, X-rays, hooked up to oxygen and EKGs then nothing. I fired off an email asking for help – non availing. So I took matters into my own hands and stormed to the nursing station telling them that if I were a man I would be getting some attention but I was not because I was a woman. The nurses and personal a little startled – one has to see “California Lawyer” to appreciate it. But then, I obediently went back to bed and they plugged me into the monitor. 
Things rapidly improved and the staff became so attentive, kind and considerate. They were reassuring and it looks like the symptoms of my hernia is the cause of the problem. (Impression: chest pain / hiatal hernia) I was referred back to Dr. Ho, who you may have read about before. But they scheduled a Myocardial Perfusion Scan for me to make sure my heart has not been compromised. It says it is an urgent test – but here is the bad part – I cannot drink coffee starting on August 20, 2017. Is life worth living without coffee? I hope so. When the test is finished i get some. PHEW! Will that ever be wonderful! 
But if you are feeling sorry for me all alone in the hospital – don’t be. I had my phone. Back at the Trump Triple S and Triple P. were there and so concerned! 

Triple P: I am so worried about you. When Triple S. and I heard our faces paled. 

Me: That is impossible! (Triple S is black, Triple P Asian)

Triple P.: You are so witty! 

Me: Don’t forget the cute part. 

Triple P: And CUTE! 

Me: Thanks. 
I also chatted with Cousin Gail and with friend from high school Lynne. They were very reassuring and cheered me. So I was not alone and got along really well with the staff (after the hissy fit). 
Finally I was released and went to call a cab to learn it was going to take twenty minutes. I called Trump International Hotel and they broke precedent and sent the Trump car for me. It pulled up: 

A Voice Cried Out: Ms. McBride!! 

Me: I have never been so happy to see someone in my WHOLE LIFE. 
I was driven home, the staff rushed to greet me giving me water and support. They made a new key for me. I went to my room and called back Insomniac Lynne who suggested a sleeping pill. I went to sleep, awoke and now you are back at the beginning. 
But lots of jokes on the LL. I showed CCC my scan appointment.

CCC: What stands out is the Nuclear. You are off the grid. 

Me: Thanks. 
I brought down my laundry but had to get money from the ATM on this level. 

Me: Money cannot buy you love. How prophetic! 

CCC. That was the Beatles. 1964

Me: How clever you are. That was the year I graduated from U.ofA. 

Me: So money cannot buy you love but it can buy you clean laundry.

CCC. The British way is to say: It cannot buy you love but it can buy you clean drawers. 

Me: How terribly British! 
So then Triple P came to work and offered me tea with honey,

Me: Just a little bit of honey because I am so sweet. (Said with a British accent)

Triple P: Your accent is improving. 

Me: I owe it all to Triple C. 
I complemented the Manager in Charge in front of N.S.N. for the care and concern shown to me the night before. So All is Well That Ends Well. 
I bragged about the picture of the Trump Tower found in yesterday’s blog. 

Me: I am so Talented! 

They: And Modest and Humble 
The picture is me sipping tea in the Lower Lobby. I do look rather Queenie, if I say so myself. 

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