An Epiphany: An Apparition; A Day Off; Hottie Appreciation Day; Cecilia’s Presence/Presents; the Sudden Realization of Being Seventy Plus; A Great Picture

I awoke on the morning of August 16,2017, opened the drapes and looked at my marvelous view – the Lion’s Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, Coal Harbor, the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It was almost like seeing it for the first time, and how thoroughly I appreciated it. I fired off an email to the Emperor thanking him because he was instrumental in placing me here, high so that all of this is mine to greet me upon awakening. I was talking to Cousin Gail as I watched a cruise ship glide slowly to dock at Canada Place. I described the sheer beauty of it all, it was like an apparition I explained to her and then was blown away by my choice of the perfect word. I subsequently looked it up and now know it was the perfect word.

My sheer appreciation of the spectacle made me realize that I have been in a major funk for the past few days. I understand some of the parameters of it but had not realized how deeply affected I had been. But somehow, something provided clarity and I was “back”. The enriching day proved fantastic and I continue to feel at peace. 
Yesterday was a no blog day, I gave myself a day off. That luxury was unheard of in times past but now I do not feel the compulsion to fire off an email and the posting to far off Chris in London. I was living with Cousin Gail during my early days in Vancouver and she notes a change both in my attitude toward blogging and its content. I am putting words in her mouth but I would say that she would say that I no longer have an axe to grind. That is one of those obscure phrases commonly known as an idiom, I do believe. 
I awoke early, exchanging pleasantries at the Lower Level. I suggested that having a coffee urn on the Lower Level would be an excellent idea. 

Newlywed: We thought about it but decided that you would just drink it all. 

Me: Well at least you considered it, that gives me heart. 
The conversation arose because I informed the early morning staff that I was forced to provide fellow guests with instructions on where to go to coffee. CCC took exception to my directions to Starbucks saying: 

CC. You would have to direct them to a huge conglomerate rather than a local establishment.

Me: Sorry, if you could give me a list, next time I will do better! 
It was up to my ‘office’ briefly where I sat and chatted with the Emperor. Another long term guest and his wife happened by and spoke to the Emperor. 

He: Take good care of her! 
Then he said something about the Emperor being my boyfriend or he himself becoming my boyfriend. 

Me: I do not need another boyfriend. I have more than I can handle right now. 
I was having coffee in the presence of son Jay when Cecilia came rushing in. We had lunch the day before and I told her about my clothes closet crunch. She dropped off two packages of those flat hangars and already the problem has been solved and I have enough closet space for my burgeoning wardrobe. She also brought blueberries and tomatoes. What a dear, generous and kind friend she is. Interestingly we never would have met unless I bravely left the confines of Marin County and ventured to London and then to Vancouver. 
But then it was off to the gym for my appointment with Hottie. I need to check with him again but he got an award for being the best trainer in the whole world (or almost). And he is mine and I am his favorite but I cannot tell. I am thinking of finding more permanent housing and he volunteered his sofa bed. (without him I fear). Such a sweet man. 
Then to the jacuzzi where I had a very strange encounter with a man who shall remain nameless. I promised to email the story to the World’s Busiest Man. (I accidentally ran into him).

Me: I will send you an email telling you the story! 

He: Could you please make it brief, I am leaving in a few days. 
I think he was joking about the brief part although he is leaving in a few days for parts known (well by me anyway). 
I had the great privilege of meeting Future Ex Husband’s family and fiancee breakfasting at Mott 32. They were such charming people. His uncle is visiting from Italy, from Turino. I laughed about my new found status where I am both chaste and chased. (hahaha). I spoke to Future Ex Husband about his uncle (who is single). 

Me: But he is in his seventies, he is too old for me. 

FEH: Too old?

Me: (Laughing) Oh, I forgot. I am in my seventies too. 
The family came on a tour of the hotel and found me on the third floor at the jacuzzi. I jumped out: 

Me: You all came up here to see me in my bathing suit. 

A Man in the Entourage: Indeed! Now turn around please so we can see all of you.  

Me: OK. 
Then lunch at the Hotel Vancouver (yum) and a happening that I wrote about on FaceBook. I do not usually FaceBook but it was fun to do. If nothing happens today I will share it and the picture taken by the helpful staff at the Omega watch store. 
Somewhere along the line I joked with the Emperor that yesterday was a National Day of Mourning in Vancouver, London and goodness knows where.

Emperor: Why a day of mourning?

Me: It is because I have given up being a sexual person and the men are all beside themselves. 

Emperor: And here I thought it was a joyous day because it is my son’s second birthday. 

Me: Well, he is a little young for me. 
The picture is of the place where I live. I took the picture. All this and I can photograph too!!! 

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