Bruce Strikes Again; Becoming a Third Wife; A New Hairdo; Finally the Sign Arrives at Trump International Hotel

Bruce, my friend of over fifty years, does get some down and dirty information not shared on this blog. In response an email that was a tell all he said: “Your life really is a LIFE. If one holds his head and neck too rigidly, I am sure the frequent rapid turns of head will result in whiplash. We await developments!” 

Well he was commenting, in part, on the following conversation which occurred in an elevator at the Trump International Hotel. I had just met this individual, I always, when meeting people, tell them my age and how many times I have been married. He shared similar data with me. 
He: you look exactly like my third wife?

Me: Really? 

He: Alexis, I have had only had two. 

Me: Well, I guess you look like my fourth husband then. 

He: Thank you

Me: You are welcome! And you are rather handsome!

He: Thank you. I find you very pretty.

Me: Swoon
Did that conversation take place. Yes, of course. My reputation for truth and veracity remains intact. But will I become his third wife and he my fourth husband? Highly unlikely. Men often say all sorts of things they do not intend to follow up on. One man, honest to goodness, told me that he owned an island in the Mediterranean. I found out later through a mutual acquaintance that he lived on one, near Malta, but he did not own it. Did this man follow up on anything? Of course not as the ploy did not work. I said to his ‘proposal’ “That is no way to start a relationship.” Courtship is vitally important, getting to know one another, work out differences first is essential. 

You heard it here first. And getting to know me amounts to hazardous duty and probably no one is up to it. I do not care. One can live without guys. 
So CCC has no performed two more essential duties. Book retriever became a new duty. That was because a certain individual had my book on the Tate but was to return it on Monday because I was meeting with my high school friend Lynne who is doing the editing. Despite two emails my book was not in sight. So CCC scurried about and retrieved it. In the long run it was to my benefit as I was in Mott Restaurant and a man mistook me for 39. “Just the age I want to be!” Then it was off to the Hub Restaurant in New Westminster where the following exchange took place: 

She: Can I see your ID, you look too young to be ordering wine. 

Me: Here is my California driving license, will this suffice? 

She: Yes! My goodness I thought you were 30. 

Me: Thank you very much. 
I did immediately email an individual who is younger than I am. “I am doing really well, in the last 75 minutes I lost 9 years.” Come to think of it, he did not respond to that email, perhaps he fainted from shock. Lynne and I had a fantastic lunch. We actually discussed old times rather than edit the book. Way back when we were a threesome, there was Lynne, there was me and there was Carol Elaine Anderson. Lynne cannot find her no matter how hard she tried. I thought it should be my mission but I have reconsidered due to many reasons. I have enough on my plate being one reason. But if anyone knows what happened to her, let us know. She is about 74. 
Here comes another essential duty performed by CCC. My hair needed cutting, he calls Suki’s makes an appointment for me and magic a new hair cut. The BEST ever. I love my bangs, they sort of make me look like a sheep dog, but a cute sheep dog, if I say so myself. I went down to the Lower Lobby to show off my new hairdo this morning. 

Me: Look at my new hairdo! Don’t you just love it!! 

He: I do. It makes you look 30. 

Me: Thank you. Can I blog that? 

He: Of course. Triple C. to the rescue. 
The picture is of a sign at the Trump International Hotel. I have been nagging about the sign for months. It finally arrived and here is the conversation. 

Me: I was just writing a email entitled: Dying from Shock? 

Emperor: Why that title? 

Me: Because the sign finally arrived after months and months. 

He: That was because we had to send to China and get it as Vancouver is too transit. 

Me: So where are you going to send away for a man for me? 

He and N.S.N.: Shock and surprise. 
But never mind! I am doing fine on my own. I am writing this blog and a man came to talk to me. He lives here in Vancouver for six months and China for six months and we might meet up in this my ‘office’ . Then there is always fourth husband (the elevator guy) who does not live in Vancouver but visits on business.He was from Ottawa.  

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