Triple C. to the Rescue; Again and Again and Again; An Unfortunate Incident on the Lower Level of Trump International Hotel

Good old CCC. One would think he would get some time off from me as I was in a neighboring province (with a misnamed river). But NO as the emails from me kept streaming in. 
And did he come through. Of Course .CCC to the rescue. The problem was a quit claim deed signed at the United States Consulate. Efficiency on my part and on the part of the staff at Trump International Hotel was rampant and off it went to California via Fed Ex, But did it get there. Nope. The attorney nervously emailing me in Edmonton so I had to call in the troops. Actually just troop because it appears that Triple C. did everything, or so he says. I emailed him D*** deed got there and here is the response I got. 

Dear Alexis,

I walked to x3 different buildings and have been searching for this all day. I have also been in phone contact with Terri from the Bank of Marin. Yes the package arrived there about an hour ago and of course CCC was on top of everything even the US postal service!!

Can’t wait for my xmas bonus!! CCC

But he got a rude awakening: Smartie đź‘– pants! I do not observe Xmas AND you hired the whimp (Triple B) So there! So there! You are not in blog today. Hahahaha Drinking a beer at Taste of Edmonton. It is downtown. Most fun ME best dressed ME Wish you were here. Hahahaha Alexis 
But then I got back and learned the real story – it was not Triple B. that was to blame and forced Triple C to go to three different buildings. It was Terri from the Bank of Marin who royally made umpteen mistakes. She lost the tracking number and kept addressing things to the wrong place – to 1159 West Georgia and even when corrected did it all over again. She said that the address on the web page was 1159 and it was not and then had the temerity to do it all over again. It was infuriating to think of the hours of effort that Triple C. had to put in. So the attorney did what he was supposed to do, I went to the consulate even though I had just learned of “Dad’s” death and sent off the document but SHE lost the tracking number as mis addressed everything. And who suffered – poor CCC. 
The reason I called him Smartie Pants is because of an email exchange we had while I was in Edmonton. I wrote that it occurred to me that I was Trump International Hotel’s mascot. But then Triple C. and I had an argument about the definition of mascot. 

  Early morning here in sunny Edmonton. I have figured out what I am. I am the mascot of Trump International Hotel in Vancouver. Look up the meaning of mascot Google guy – I am right.  

He:Talisman or a charm???

Me: Neither stupid. Now I have to look it up. Me.

Then much later he sends a definition which is acceptable to the two of us. : 

He: A mascot is any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck, or anything used to represent a … The word ‘mascot’ originates from the French term ‘mascotte’ which means lucky charm. This was used to describe anything that brought luck to a …….. 

Me: Finally we are on the same page. Hahahahahaha

He: To be honest I think you are reading a completely different book …… hence not on the same page hahaha!

Me: You could lie stupid!!’ Hahaha

He: Moving forward I do not respond to Stupid …… I have had my contract amended and you are prohibited to call me that or there is a fine incurred. haha
So that is the long story of why CCC is also called Smartie Pants. So there! So there! 
So not only is CCC chasing down a quit claim deed on behalf because some woman from California is misaddressing documents and loosing trading numbers but THEN guess who leaves her passport behind in Edmonton. The Marriott Courtyard initially tells him that it is not there; but CCC persists and OOPS suddenly they discover it on the cart of one of the housekeeping staff and he has to arrange the retrieval of said passport. Now that was my stupid error compounded by the stupidity of that hotel. Poor CCC, I am a full time job. 
But then, this is actually what happened in the Lower Level of the Trump International Hotel. Everyone is wondering how I managed to get on the airplane to come home to Vancouver without my passport. I calm and clearly inform then it was a domestic flight and I had my California driver’s license which was acceptable as photo ID. But CCC does an imitation of me slamming my Vancouver Public Library card on the desk of Air Canada demanding that this is sufficient to allow entry to the jet. There were four staff members but no guests in sight. It would be something I would do and hence began to laugh hilariously at the accuracy of his imitation. I laughed so long and hard that I wet myself. I had to head up to my room on the 19th floor and change clothes. CCC intimated that he had to clean the puddle off the rug but that is not true because there was no puddle. He may have to send the laundry off but that is quite another matter.  
The photo is of me kissing my passport hello. CCC to the rescue. There is an apt saying: “Luckily, I am blessed with a well-develped sense of absurdity – it’s what saved me. This came from a book gifted to me by Triple S. 

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