Pre gym; An Invitation to Bed; Tenant Appreciation Event; a Beautiful Cartoon; and An Old Laptop

 I write this pre gym. I have an appointment with Hottie at 10. Boy do I ever have some startling news for him – some unbloggable information. But this actually happened at the doorway of Equinox. Hottie and I were returning from our outing. Two other trainers came rushing out of the building. He: Hi! Just a quick hello from me. 

He: Hi! Just a quick hello from me. 

Me: I am tired of these quick hellos! I want someone to go to bed with me and it will take some time. 

They: Speechless (shaking head in disbelief) 
As CCC so accurately joked in a prior blog. 

CCC What is the difference between a coffee pot and Ms. McBride 

Me: I give up. 

CCC: A coffee pot has a filter, Ms. McBride does not.  
Well, of course I was kidding about the going to bed stuff – and not. This is a true story. There was this man who wanted to go to bed with me, it was earlier in the week. I said: “Of course not, I just met you and besides you are leaving on a jet plane in less than an hour.” So he thought of an alternative – we could jump in the bath tub in his room and have a bubble bath. I declined that suggestion as well. But this is where it gets very eerie, stick with me, this is going to be a detour. 
The next day I was at an amazing event called Tenant Appreciation Event. It was for the tenants of the adjacent building here on West Georgia in Vancouver British Columbia. it was actually amazing – it was in the conference room space here at the Trump, a vast venue. There was the best food, a buffet with skewers, fantastic potatoes and vegetables (of course). New readers do not know this but I hate vegetables with a passion and never eat them. I spoke to a man in the buffet line.

He: You should eat vegetables they are good for you.

Me: I don’t think so. Remember margarine.

He: Margarine?  

Me: Yes, they said it was good for you but it ended up being bad for you and butter was the best.

He: So you are waiting around hoping that vegetables are proven bad for you?

Me: What other reason is there to live? But they better hurry up because I am 74.  
By the way, I guess I was a party crasher at the Tenant Appreciation Event because technically I am not a tenant. But I snagged a ticket. So at the event there was music and various forms of entertainment. There were two people doing cartoons of people. So I impatiently waited in line (actually a sweet woman gave me a chair to sit on as I am spoiled rotten). This wonderful talented man by the name of Mark Siermaczeski had his people put their hand on their heart and imagine that they could be in the place of their dreams, money would be no object. I was laughing and joking waiting for my turn but when I put my hand on my heart I began to cry. 

Me: There is no place I would rather be, than here right now and in this place. 

Mark: You are crying. 

Me: Yes, but I can stop. 
So I did and he worked away using the computer with a screen so others could see what he was doing. They looked on with amusement on their faces. Then he finished and passed to me. I about fainted because it was me in a bubble bath at the Trump International Hotel, with a balcony in the background. I had told no one about the man who wanted to go to bed with me instead suggesting a bubble bath. 

Me: You have no idea about the uncanniness of this beautiful cartoon. 

Mark: I am clairvoyant!

Me: I am convinced you are. 
So it is interesting to speculate whether or not the man who wanted to go to bed with me will be reading this blog. Of course, the poor man was the recipient of my blog card. He is apparently coming back to Vancouver later this month. We shall see . But there certain things I do not blog about so you may never know. Another man looked at the cartoon, smiled appreciably and said: “Cute!” He is SO cute himself and I keep running into him in the strangest of places – the loo. I keep saying: “We have got to stop meeting like this.” I laugh hilariously. He doesn’t, I am not sure why. He once wrote of bumping into me but left off the p. I told him that I thought it was a Freudian slip. He demurred blaming an old laptop at home. I suggested that he could afford a new one. 
I am feeling rather apathetic about this blog writing. I told a charming guest of the Trump International Hotel about all the effort it is taking and how I am getting tired of it all. 
She: That is because you are too busy with all the guys. 

Me: You are so right! Absolutely correct! Can I blog that?

She: Sure!  

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