Coincidence is the Name of the Game; Flowers; Replacement Versus Real Brothers

Coincidence is defined as a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. Boy are there coincidences in my life – left, right and center.
I was walking down West Georgia gazing in awe at the beauty of Trump Tower and I heard a voice yelling my name. It was Cecilia!!! It was only, I guess, because I had stopped to gaze upward that put me in that place, at that time. She was rushing from her children’s yoga instructor’s course to the Apple Store. WOW, it was so good to see her and we reconnected at the Champagne Lounge and drank water – both of us being good girls. 
I was walking through the Champagne Lounge earlier in the day and saw this person. I walked over to the table with peonies in my arms and he and his companion commented on them. 

Me: I love peonies, they are my favorite flower 

He: Where did you get them? 

Me: At a flower stand up the street. I love flowers but none of the men in my life ever gave me flowers. So I decided that I would take up Ikebana and so for twenty years I had flowers in my life. 

His companion: I would never have a man in my life that did not give me flowers.

Me to He: Here you can have one to give to him.

He: It’s Ok, he is fine for right now. 

Me: Well I can share. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 
Interestingly, I am reminded that somebody said: “A friend in need is a pest.” Coincidentally I found that written in one of my notebooks. I am not going to reveal who said it. I wonder if he can remember that slip of his tongue.
I went up to my room on the 19th floor of the Trump International Hotel and found a huge bouquet of roses on my bed – with a business card showing who they were from.     
Which leads to another coincidence. The man I deem my “replacement” brother unexpectedly sent flowers to my room yesterday – roses to be precise. My real brother (the one who needed to be replaced) sent me an angry, accusatory email. I rose above his tone and fired back first a funny email and then a conciliatory email. What did he do? Quite typically, and usually, he did not respond. So at the end of the day which brother do I want in my life? The flower giver or the angry non responsive guy? I do need to answer that question both to those who both knew me well in my prior life and those who do not know me at all. The answer is: The flower giver.  
Bye for now. I may blog later but many things to do. Photo is of the roses, so artfully arranged by “you know who”. 

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