Thoughts on Being the First Long Term Resident of the Trump International Hotel: The Power and the Glory and ( I Fear) the Intrigue; Rude and Polite People; Cecilia’s Cuisine

They tell me I am the first long term resident at the Trump international Hotel in Vancouver and why would they lie? It does make sense as the hotel opened in February and this special status was afforded me in late April or early May. It came at a time when my whole world had collapsed and things were not getting any better – just worse. I was desperate for a place to stay, suddenly remembered that long term stays were a possibility so I found the right person to ask and here I am. The process took only two days and was seamless. Other events transpired and now I am here until January 4, 2018. I will continue at my same room rate. Intrigue, bad breath or sheer silliness came into play last week and my room rate was raised $3,000 a month but I fought back and prevailed. So there was, and is, trouble in paradise. But all is well -almost. 
I tell everyone that I will be a tough act to follow and all agree But yesterday it got a bit much for me and I told the Emperor. 

Me: I quit. All the machinations around here are too much for me. 

He: Please don’t, we need you.

Me: Nope, I have had it. 
So then I went next door to the Residences where Triple C.was working. An absolutely obnoxiously rude parcel delivery guy was being totally rude and obnoxious to Triple C. So I told the parcel delivery guy off: “You are the rudest person I have ever met!”, pointing my finger in California lawyer style. Triple C. and staff are not supposed to stand up for themselves against rude people. So they need me. 

Me: I am a guest here. You are so rude. Best you develop some manners. 

He: (Speechless)
I am under no illusion that my comments made any difference to that guy but putting up with rude behavior is a sign of weakness as far as I am concerned. The staff at the Trump International Hotel deserves respect (as does Alexis McBride). So there! 
But I went back to Mott Restaurant, tapped the Emperor on the shoulder (he was in one of his interminable meetings) and said: 

Me: Two Things. One: my blog just got posted. Two: I guess I am back on board, I just tore into a delivery guy who was being rude to Triple C. 

He: Speechless 
Then I went back to the Residences and there was a super polite delivery guy there. I congratulated him on his fine manners and told him that his grace made things happen much more smoothly. He thanked me and we chatted about the power, the glory and the civility of having good manners. So I brightened his day and he deserved it. 
Last night I ate at Italian Kitchen and sitting next to me were a family of four who were visiting from Quebec. The parents were wonderful with the children. They were lightly admonished if they did something vaguely resembling rudeness, the father brought a game for the kids to play while waiting for their food. The father insisted that the children’s food be served at the same time as the parents so that they could eat together. Of course I congratulated the parents on the care and attention they showed their children and told the kids they should be grateful to have such fine parents. Their manners will hold them in good stead. By the way, the food at Italian Kitchen was great, they cooked the Vongole without tomatoes for me. My waiter was Alix (which is the diminutive my parents called me.) Eerie. Many more dishes on the menu I want to try. 
 I left stopping at the table of Janice and Terry. They came to the restaurant and were seated at a nearby table. I could not help but notice that he pulled out the chair for his wife. I told them how impressive that gesture is. We chatted; they were celebrating their 50th on a cruise. I told them I was so happy for them although I will never reach that.myself. If you add up all the years that I have been married (or lived wih one guy) I only get to thirty and I am now seventy-four. So it is not going to happen for me. Well I suppose it could as I have/had long lived parents and perfect (almost) health. But it is probably too much to ask. 
There are things I want to blog about. Cecilia and “her man” James Dean Waryk came to my 19th floor room with no kitchen. Cecilia made dinner using only my kettle and left healthy food for me to cook on my own. Is that not undeniably sweet? I have the best of friends. Anna with her edible flowers and chocolate bars and Michelle with her graciousness. Pictures of my catered dinner will be posted. By the way, James Dean Waryk wanted me to use his real and long name. 

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