A Sign In More Than One Way; A New Doctor; A Reenactment Including A Horse; and That’s Not Possible

I was in North Vancouver yesterday and saw this amazing sign. I had to buy it, so I did. It Says: : I Stay A Bit Overweight Because It Wouldn’t Be Fair To Other People If I Were This Attractive, Intelligent AND THIN. It is my motto. The staff at Trump International Hotel agree, it is funny and it is me. 

 The sign is on the desk on the 19th floor. I am slowly sort of decorating this place, my hotel room on the 19th floor. I am making it my own in a small way. There are vases, often with flowers which have been either self bought (see post of yesterday) or from Triple C. (prior post in May sometime) or the flowers that welcomed me home from Edmonton along with the red carpet and champagne. (See blog of June 13, 2017). The other decorative touch is a framed picture of Alexis McBride taken by Hannah Laycock on May 29, 2016. It was snapped at the British Museum in London accompanied by a powerful message from Camus: In the Midst of Winter, I Suddenly Found Within Me An Invincible Summer. I just started to cry as that is so true of my life. I am actually, and at times, a sad person. Then there is the funny card about making mistakes, propped up against the vase, as is the card that came from Triple C’s May flowers. My Happy Birthday banner is still on the picture along with the card signed by all the staff, Carol-Ann’s card and the hat. (See blog of May 30, 2017).More may happen with my hotel room decor, you will get an update as time goes by.  
Why was I in North Vancouver yesterday? It is because I have GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), on medication but had to discontinue that medication because of side affects. Symptoms reappeared which required further medical attention.  A referral to an awe-inspiring doctor was made by by a dear man. (the two are related through marriage). I was so impressed with the gastroenterologist -his history taking, his explanations, his professional judgment, his knowledge of the speciality, his professional qualifications. (I did not get to see his bed side manner as I was sitting up in a chair in his office.) But there was something more and it was not possible at the time to realize what this quality was. But it came to me. It is his compassion which shines through. I once knew a California woman physician who had no compassion whatsoever. I cannot imagine having her as my doctor. But for me in Vancouver, I am comfortable, informed and very well cared for. A photograph of the brochure will be included just to cheer people up. They will be cheered as they don’t have the condition. 
I performed another valuable service for the Trump International Hotel this morning. Down in the lower lobby I did a reenactment of the building of this hotel, including achieving its name. An amazing performance that included Joo Kim Tiah riding up on horseback saving the day. (some exaggeration there, as I do not think a horse was involved,) Ten people were thoroughly entertained. I laugh, I should have recorded it. 
This conversation actually took place, again on the LL. 

Me: I would like some help in locating the movie Passengers.

E.H,B: I can help you with that. But why that particular movie? .

Me: Well a part of the story line involves a man who falls in love with a woman by reading her blogs. 

Triple B: That is unlikely, in fact down right impossible. 

Me: You are fired! 
Tomorrow you can look forward to two jokes heard outside of Mott Restaurant. I am sleepy today and might have a rest right now. Nightie Night.  

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