Personal and Impersonal Devices; Back to the Gym; Better Life Style; An Architect; and Seed Lip

I sometimes forget where I live and think I am still in London. I forget that I am here in North America with a functioning phone, an expensive phone plan and can just call and talk to people. I have been having minor health problems but my wondrous doctor resides and works in California. Me: Why don’t you just call him on the phone, stupid. 

Me: Good idea. Why didn’t I think of that? 
So I did, he called back and the problem is solved. He has been my M.D. for about forty years. He is brilliant and definitely on my side. I told him that I was happy, happy living here and he said: “Alexis, you deserve it. If anyone deserves happiness, it is you.” I am, at this moment in my life, living in a state of Grace. It just might change but at least I had it once, as my cousin Carol-Ann said. 
So I was on a roll with the whole thing about the phone, dialed my friend Jim and he too called back. I needed grounding, with all of the great stuff that is happening to me. Jim is a psychiatrist and has known me for about fifty years. When he called back, I was in the jacuzzi but I was there alone so we chatted at length. I stood up to leave, looked around, and said:

Me: I am trying to leave the jacuzzi but I can’t find my phone. 

Jim: Alexis, you are talking on it. 

Me: Oh yeah. Then much laughter ensued.
But here is the other device issue, this an impersonal device. I thought, when I moved into the 19th floor, that I asked that the remote of the television be removed so that I would not be tempted to watch television. I do not watch television, at all. But then yesterday I determined that this was ridiculous and asked that the remote be returned. “Yes, Ms. McBride” But then I went up to the room and there was this black thing on the night table. I called the front desk. 

Me: I found something in my room that might be a remote. I will bring it down and perhaps you could tell me if it is. 

F.D. Ms. McBride, we could send someone to your room to check it out. 

Me: It is not a problem. I am coming down there anyway. 
So down I went and it was a remote. Now operating it might be a whole different matter but I will give it a try and see if it works, and if not I will call the front desk and they will send someone up to help me. I think that there are movies and stuff that I might watch. Something to look forward to in my old age. (hahaha) 
I have another appointment at the gym today with the aforementioned hot personal trainer. I have decided to get into a better life style, not just go to the dreaded gym but also eat better etc. etc. I have already been rewarded. I went to Mott 32 and said to Chappie:

Me: Don’t faint but I have decided that I want to drink something non alcoholic 

Chappie: You hit it lucky. We now have a non alcoholic gin.

So I tried it, with tonic water and it was fantastic. The name of it is Seed Lip and there are two versions. Apparently the Trump International Hotel is creating a menu of non alcoholic drinks. They think of everything here and just in the nick of time for me. 
This place is not perfect. They need a sign at the West Georgia entrance and I have been telling them that for weeks. But apparently one is going to be installed. A couple walked in the day before yesterday and I was forced to show them to the front desk so that they could register. I did complain to the powers that be. I saw the couple I escorted this morning, they are from Georgia and said of this hotel: “We have never experienced such hospitality. Each and every person goes above and beyond themselves.” All of that is true but I hasten to remind the powers that be of the following fact. If it were not for me the people would be wandering about not knowing where to check in.
If I have time I am going to do some research on Arthur Erikson, the architect of this building. This quote is from my birthday book. “I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls it line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in the world.” Who said this? Lucille Ball. It is so true when you really think about it. 
The photograph is the label of Seed Lip. This idea will help all those that might want to stop drinking. I understand that it is not in wide distributorship at this moment so do not bother going to some store to find it. But you heard about it here first. (hahahaha)   

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