Healthy Life Style Not Including Green Food; No Paparazzi Please; My Wondrous Personal Trainer and Other Tales of Woe

 Glo, my friend of probably twenty-five years, sent me an email based upon her reading of my blog. “ I just saw the post about the gin. Hmmm. I love gin and tonic but hate that after one I have no energy or desire to accomplish anything so a nonalcoholic version would be just the ticket! Best of luck on your new healthy life style which must include green food. “ 
I did not take that one lying down and immediately fired this one back.”Let us not get too carried away – green food YUK! Alexis” So I was an absolute angel again today and drank only Seed Lip and tonic. It was early to bed for me as I was not feeling well. Son, the Crooner escorted me from Mott 32, holding my arm aloft saying: “No Paparazzi Please! No Paparazzi Please!” I was laughing so hard that I had to run for the loo, but I made it on time. 
Ask me about my personal training session please. It was divine. My wondrous personal trainer who was pictured in yesterday’ s blog said as I arrived at the gym: 

He: It is a nice day outside. Do you want to go outside or stay in the gym. 

Me: Outside! You are wonderful, that is what my personal trainer in London did all of the time. 

He: I know, you told me. 

Me: Oh! So you did not read my mind? 
So we went outside and the weather and everything was glorious but he made me exercise a great deal. However, I learned a great deal and we laughed a great deal. That is me in the attached photograph doing leg lifts in front of the Trump International Hotel. He carried everything, my purse, my jumper (UK word), my water. He was my beast of burden. We decided on the following conversation if we ran into anyone. 

Me: I would like to introduce you to my personal trainer and lover. I brought him all of the way from London with me. If you have a good thing it is best not to live it up.  

He: (would say) Jolly good to meet you. 

And since the wondrous personal trainer has an English accent we might be able to get away with it. But it didn’t happen so I was not forced to lie. Phew, I suppose, but it would have been fun. 
It was back to the Trump International Hotel where Gabriel said, and I quote: “You are the funniest woman I have ever met.” That is a great compliment, but he is rather young and probably not met a lot of funny women. But, any port in a storm. 
But now I am going to switch on you and get serious by finishing the tale of woe. Women who love their smart phone more than they love their baby. I did, incidentally, see three examples yesterday. But I contained myself and did not rip the phone from the mother’s grasp. 
The source of my inspiration was the June 13, 2017 podcast of Four Thought which is a BBC Radio show. The speaker was Dr. Mary Aiken, author of The Cyber Effect, and she was not only informative but inspirational. She began by telling of her observations of a mother and child on a train. The child could have been invisible to the woman as she played with her phone. Who is the real loser in this scenario? Obviously the baby. Dr. Aiken somewhat jokingly said that there may be a posting mandatory on all phones: Warning: Not Paying Attention Can Cause Serious Developmental Delays. She powerfully opined: great societies are measured by how they look after their most vulnerable NOT how many personal devices are sold. Kids, she pointed out the need to be bored in order to develop self calming behaviors which is essential when a child reaches school age, therefore, giving kids tablets and devices to entertain themselves is counter productive. Do listen to the pod cast, it is inspirational. 


I do not see how I can do anything about this and I suppose it is not my worry. I will be dead when these babies reach adulthood. But I suppose I could make this a platform on my Alexis for Mayor of Vancouver campaign. This may be more important than my other pet peeves like ripped jeans, and lack of mufflers on motorcycles.  
I know of a man, whose privacy I will respect, who hires a driver to ferry his children about, not leaving it to his wife to take on this responsibility because he is so busy and cannot perform this task himself. Down right brilliant as this allows the mother’s time to be spent with their children in a meaningful way. It takes money some will say, but it takes money to have children in the first place
But back to being funny. Triple C. and I have arrived at a nick name for me It is Triple M. Mighty, Marvelous McBride. I insisted on the Marvelous. 
My quote from the birthday book is from Charles M. Schulz. “Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask, “Where have I gone wrong?” Then a voice says to me,”This is going to take more than one night.”  


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