The Gym; The Resume and Serious Thoughts

Well, I did it again, I went to the gym and had a session with my hot personal trainer. I am including his picture and a picture of my T-shirt, one that I wore especially for him because he is from Not So Great Britain. We had an hilarious time which unfortunately contained some exercise. Ah well! I handed out about ten blog cards and now the blog is required reading at Equinox as well as here, at the Trump International Hotel. . He: I am going to make it harder for you

Me: That’s what all the guys say. 
He was, of course, speaking of some silly exercise. I have another appointment on Friday. I am serious about this. Very serious. I am a driven woman. 
So in many ways this has been a difficult day. No Emperor, Triple C. took the day off without telling me (yet again). And Future Ex Husband is nowhere in sight. Huh? But I will get by. I cannot even find My Son the Crooner. Support system, where are you? 
So I prepared a resume a couple of weeks ago and submitted it to the powers that be. The Emperor passed the blame of no response off to the Head of Personnel and told me to take up any complaints with her. I did with an immediate hand gesture. No filter and it was morning and I obviously had nothing to drink at that point so it is impossible to blame alcohol. One item on the resume, under the heading All Purviews outlines this responsibility: ‘Noisy kid containment done by paying attention to the child and using old fashioned skills such as Shush and Peek-A-Boo” This is necessary because people have children and then proceed to ignore them. Why bother in the first place? If you have them, you have a responsibility to pay attention to them and teach them manners. It is actually a very serious problem. 
I listen to podcasts to get information. I listened to a lecture given by a woman who was a cyber psychologist who spoke of the terrible dangers posed by women who are addicted to their phones and not their babies. They never have eye contact with their progeny, It is going to have disastrous results. A baby needs eye contact and one to one interaction. Statistically people look at their phones 200 times a day and touch their phones 3000 times. More about that tomorrow. I want to get on with my day and not be looking at some stupid device. 

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