I Had a Dream; Not Blogging or Blogging Differently; the Gym; a New iPad and Bad Music

I did not blog yesterday for three reasons. I had a dream (move over Martin Luther King) and my dream “said” that I needed a new persona. It gave me a vision of a new me and was very profound. Then, actually after I had decided not to blog, there was technical difficulty. The charger stopped working on my computer but fortunately I had an appointment at the Apple Store and I just bought a new charger. 

The second reason I did not blog is slightly more complicated. I did go to the gym and the personal trainer is hot. The first session was exploratory and he asked a number of questions about my health. 

He: What is your level of stress? Rate it between 1 and 5. 5 being very stressed 

Me: I need to think about that for a minute 

He: OK take your time. 

Me: It is 4. 
I spoke to cousin Gail this morning and told her that it was ridiculous that my stress level is 4. I have nothing to worry about, nothing. Except for this blog and I do not get paid for it and no one makes me do it. Except me and this has to stop. I do not mean stop altogether but somehow do it in a way that my stress levels are reduced. This is stupid- not optimistic – just plain stupid. Moreover, the blog is going to change a bit. I will research issues and report back. Issues that need to be addressed. I have done that in the past but I am going to do it more so in the future. I was not put on earth to entertain people, although I am certainly capable of it and I do a good job. But I am not just a pretty face. (hahahaha). The important issues I have addressed in the past, to name two, are misogyny and passive aggressive behavior. Those issues are very well researched and informative. You can find them on your own by typing misogyny and/or passive aggressive into the search engine of this blog.. So there! So there! I have already researched an important issue and stay tuned I will write about it. So there! So there!
It is back to the gym today. I will take a picture of the hot trainer and post it tomorrow. I would have done it before but he needed a chance to get his hair done. Honest to goodness, this is true. New readers do not know this but I never lie – sometimes exaggerate but never lie. Then I plan to go to the Apple Store and buy a new iPad. My old one is sort of busted and a new one will enable calmness, hopefully. It will be easier to carry around anyway. 
But here goes a rant. I went to Yew yesterday. The music there was dreadful, almost as bad as Mott 32. Mott 32 at night, its morning music is quite wonderful. I can hear it right now. I spoke to the waitress at Yew, then the manager of the restaurant and then filled a stupid form. Do I think it will make a difference? No. Will I know? No. Because I will never go back there again. Who needs stressful music? I do not. And when one can walk away – one does. So there! So there! I was going to lunch at Yew in the future, now I am not. I am going somewhere with good music. So there! So there! I have not influenced the night music at Mott 32 and I have spoken to everyone about it, and I do mean everyone. It is still bad (t night) but I did get a free tasting of all of the new cocktails to be served there. hey were great. I got quite drunk actually. What is a girl to do? 

Onward with the day!! 

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