Father’s Day; Tunes With Tang; Not Exactly a Bed In; But Later Bad Music Loudly Played and a Pervasive Atmosphere of Rudeness 

Yesterday was Father’s Day at the Trump International Hotel, and elsewhere probably. So it was packed at Mott 32 but just outside the door, in the Champagne Bar and Grill, it was beautiful, quite serene and rather inspiring. There is something new here called High Tea, served on the weekends.  I have not taken High Tea but one of the benefits is live music. I accidentally stumbled upon it, decided to have a bison burger (yum) and listen to the music. A great musician whose name I forget (but can get later by asking Avi, who arranges to get the musicians) was strumming some evocative tunes. There was an utterly charming family sitting to my right – a man, his wife and their son. They were clearly, politely enjoying one another and the surroundings.  The musician took a break and the father asked if he could use the sound equipment during the musician’s absence. Tang can sure sing – that is his name. The family lives in Burnaby. The photographs that will accompany this post shows the not yet unnamed musician and Tang singing a duet.  The other photograph pictures Tang, his wife and yours truly. Those are not my flowers, but Tang’s. I just borrowed them for the picture. Pictured also is the tower of food served at High Tea.
The repertoire was poignant with songs such as: Sealed With A Kiss, All of Me, Fix It and Chasing Cars. It certainly grabbed at the heart strings as I have suffered a lot of losses in the love department. One could say, however, a lot of gains with perhaps more to come. There is no joy without sorrow etc, etc. 
Later friend Ty joined me and enjoyed the view. It was not exactly John and Yoko’s Bed In. My room is purposively kept at freezing temperatures and Ty sat in a chair with my handy dandy down comforter wrapped about him. My down comforter was kindly provided by staff when I was having an anxiety attack about a month ago. I was freezing and shivering from the cold.  I keep the comforter around just in case. It came in handy for poor shivering Ty. So Ty and I spoke of many things and we ordered from room service, from the Kid’s Menu. It was such fun. I love, loved the grilled cheese sandwich. 
But there was trouble in paradise. We later went down to Mott 32 to have a glass of wine and the music was absolutely unbearable. Loud, clanging, discordant. I have complained to everyone about it, and I do mean everyone, but it remains the same. When I do go to Mott I put in earphones, but I had none for the two of us. We moved out into the Champagne Bar and Grill and were faced again with loud music which, despite repeated requests, was not turned down. So Ty went home and I left in a fit of pique. 
There was also a lot of rude behavior going on earlier in the day. Children allowed to climb all over the furniture, people sitting with one another texting, much milling about. But then there was Tang and his family – to end on a positive note. Tang’s son is in Uni (as they call it in the UK) taking business courses. Tang and his wife were born in Hong Kong. The family left to visit with Tang’s father who is ill and could not accompany them. All’s well that ends well. 

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