Triple C (Thesaurus) Finally Here; Joke of the Day; the Gym; Plans for the Day

I am writing this from the LL, (Lower Lobby) rather than the usual perch on the UL.(Upper Lobby) The reason for this being Triple C. is here at his station at the LL. For some obscure reason he has been working next door at the Residence most days. I am not sure who is making the decisions around here but they are not taking me into consideration. Shame on You. Here is the joke of the day supplied by Triple C. 
Triple C: What is the difference between a coffee machine and Ms. McBride ?

Me: I give up

Triple C: You give up too easy.

Me: That is what all the guys say.

Triple C: The coffee machine has a filter. 

Triple C’s joke illustrates what is true about me. I just say whatever comes to mind without filtering anything. I am sure most people are as funny as I am but they have filters, and they should. I just don’t. 
I am sure that all of you are waiting around with bad breath waiting to know if I really did join the gym. Yes, I did. So there! So there! I went in and made an appointment, got the class list and went to study it at a restaurant across the street, Market. I had a great breakfast of smoked salmon and made a new friend. Then back to the gym, had the interview, worked out a plan and paid for it all with my credit card with frequent flier miles. It was sort of a well thought out program. I have a hot personal trainer especially equipped with a British accent. I find British accents very attractive because of a man (who remains in the UK ) who had the best accent. I asked him how he achieved his dulcet tones and he said it had something to do with the school he attended. It was not Eton or Cambridge but it was posh. I have just digressed. The personal trainer is essential as he will supply the motivation for me to go to the gym. Otherwise I would just pay the money and that has not led to fitness in the past, just a diminished bank account. But here is the funny part. There is a promotional offer when referred by someone who belongs to the gym. The gym guys asked me if I knew anyone that belonged to the gym. I knew by rumor that a certain individual belonged, I mentioned his name and, lo and behold, he did. So he gets a gym credit. What is so funny about that? He is very, very, very, very rich. I told many people at the Trump International Hotel that I joined the gym and about the credit. At least three individuals said that they were members and could have used the credit. But how was I to know? But there is a back story and they are busted. If they read my blog they would know I was planning to join the gym. I caught ya! 
My first appointment with the hottie personal trainer is at noon on Monday. I awoke this morning and made the first essential decision of day; What To Wear? One gets a free T-shirt with the gym’s name imprinted on it. Day One wear T shirt, Day Two go to the dreaded gym. I am wearing the shirt accessorized with pearls. I have included a picture incase you do not believe me. My foot gear? Bright pink jeweled slippers purchased in China in 2006. Such a fashion statement. A picture of them is attached as well. 
It is raining again today in this fair city. It will not interfere with my plans of the day. Ty is coming over for a glass of wine and I will show him my view for the first time. He is so funny. 

Me: Do wine in my room! Tell me what to get, my expert, and I shall purchase. You have not seen my view. Alexis 

Ty’s Response: Yay! That’s a good idea. Will it be like John + Yoko’s “Bed-in”?! suggest a nice racy New Zealand Sauv Blanc. Or a French or BC dry rosé. 

The great thing about living here at the Trump International Hotel is this. I do not necessarily have to go outside in the rain. I can just order up room service as there is an excellent wine list. Then there is the cheese and charcuterie plate. Easy, breezy. 

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