Feeling at Home at the Trump; Perhaps Too Much at Home; Thoughts on the Book; A Bed Comparison and More

So I guess there has not been a formal announcement made but I am here at home at the Trump International Hotel for quite some time. I do love that phrase: And they lived happily ever after or for quite some time. I have decided to postpone my visit to Regina making it a shorter journey. It will be rather like the trip to Edmonton where everything stays where it is and then everyone misses me and then I come back and I get the royal treatment upon return. Please see blog of June 13, 2017. The trip to Regina will be postponed so that they can save some money for the flowers and the champagne and this time, find some trumpeters. 
The change is my attitude has been gradual. There is a part of me that cannot believe that all of this is true because it is pretty heady but I am settling into the truth of the matter. I have developed a rather cocky walk and I gracefully greet other guests as if I own the place. I do not. The reason I am developing this comfort level is because of the excellently trained and fully functional staff. They ask how long I will be here and I say: “Oh, I guess December 24.” Tens of them say: “Oh No, Ms. McBride. You have to spend Christmas with us!” I wonder if they get paid to say that? Who cares! 
I am perhaps feeling too much at home however and this is a true story. I came down in the elevator to visit with Triple S and Triple P. As I was about to exit the elevator I realized that there was something missing. The March 1, 2017 explains it all but I have an upper plate and we are not talking about something in a china cabinet. In my serenity I had neglected to place upper plate in mouth. What did I do? Just laughed my rear end off and told Triple S. and Triple P. They, in turn, laughed their rear ends off. 

Me: I am not going blog about this. It is too embarrassing. 

Triple P: No, you better not. 

Me: But some to think of it, I did write about my upper plate because I blogged my Mind the Gap story. I will look it up. 
So I looked it up and it is already out there on the March 1, 2017 post. I laughingly told Triple P. and Triple S. of the advantages of having no upper teeth but I shall not spell it out here. This morning when Triple C. finally got to work I did spell it out for him. He about fainted and fell over. I do love being outrageous around some people. Some but not all. 
Yesterday was a fine day. Amy got special permission to visit the pool, she had a great swim. Then later we went to the aerie on the 19th floor. Amy was impressed with the view but said she had a better bed.

Me: How could your bed be better? Mine apparently cost $5000.00 (Canadian)

Amy: Mine is better. Mom show her the picture of my bed. 

Me: Oh, I see. Yours is better. It has a desk and everything. 
Gail, on the visit to the Trump before the others arrived had a long conversation about the book, the one about our uncle. It does keep changing. It is more and more becoming a personal journey as my search for a lost relative results in my finding not only him but myself. But there is a new aspect revealed in our discussion. Uncle Dave was a public figure but he was intensely private. Whereas, I do not have the duality with this blog where I tell all. (Well, not all, but practically). It is a choice I make but, as realized in our conversation, perhaps Uncle Dave does not want the same level of scrutiny. I should perhaps respect his privacy. So it is a conundrum. 

The picture today is my bed. I respect Amy’s privacy so there is no picture of her bed. 
Today there is a loathsome task to perform. I am going to join the nearby gym. I hate gyms but it is critical that I stay in shape. There are classes and there are hunky personal trainers and it is just down the street. The things we do for love. (hahaha) 

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  1. I feel so pleased with myself….I read ONE WEEK OF YOUR BLOG!
    So there!

    I love the fact of reading your blog and I am IN the hotel seeing this all unfold,…so crazy!

    Luv ya MS. McBride


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