This Blog Has A Life of Its Own; Statistics; Staying on At the Trump Although Born in Saskatchewan; But Trouble In Paradise

I met Derek when I was at the Chateau Lacombe and we began to chat. 
Derek: Your blog. It is almost as if it were alive. It has a life of its own. 

Me: That is profound. Can I blog your words? 

Derek: Of course. 
I just got my statistics again. The blog began on January 22, 2017. Since that time I have had 10,779 visitors making 45,101 visits. Holy cow. I am utterly amazed. To quote from my birthday book. “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it? Someone called Steven Wright said that. At this moment in my life I have everything. I am staying on at the Trump International Hotel. I emailed The Emperor when I was in Edmonton. He asked me how long I wanted to stay and I answered: “Forever and A Day.” He did not immediately respond and later said: “That is not a time frame. That is a bit indefinite” But we worked something out. This place is working for me. 

People: What is it like, living at the Trump International Hotel? 

Me: It is heaven. I am on the 19th floor. 
I had no idea when I started the blog that any of this would happen. It does seem very unreal to me at times and I severely need to ground myself, pinch myself or do something rash. I had no idea it would take off the way it did. I find writing every day actually quite easy. There is a set routine. I wake up early. I check in with Triple C. (if he is at work but I do have permission to email him if he is elsewhere.) Then I go to my office which is in the Champagne Bar and Lounge, just outside the Mott 32 restaurant. If Future Ex Husband is there I get coffee and water. When I finish the blog I send it off to Chris in London. Chris in London posts it, usually immediately. I get so, so happy when it pops up on my phone. Like right now it popped up. Then if Triple C. is in the blog I read it to him. Then I go forth with the rest of the day. Routine is important when one is retired. I have been retired for about 13 years. I just found out that the MCERA retirement fund has a worth of 2.2 billion. I have no worries. And there is the death benefit. If you want to know about the death benefit go to the search engine of the blog and type in death benefit and then you will get every blog in which I mention the death benefit. It is so amazing.  
I often ponder my fate with cousin Gail. I keep saying in wonderment.

Me: I was born in Saskatchewan! And look at me now.  

Gail: I know Alexis, I know! 

Me: But is not that amazing? 

Gail: I guess so. 
Then just to be really boring, I say again and again. 

Me: I was born in Saskatchewan. 

Gail: I know Alexis. I know! And you keep telling me.
As is obvious Gail is one person who helps ground me. I think i need a vast army of people to ground me. Yesterday i had an audience with the Emperor which did not necessarily ground me. Audiences with the Emperor are extremely rare and as a matter of fact I may be the first to have been granted one. So we spoke of many things, the net effect was to make me feel very welcome here and that this is my home. Not bad for a girl from Saskatchewan. I have become a fixture and apparently when I was away in Edmonton I was very much missed. I remember a lover in the distant past, we laughed a lot together. He would say to me:”How can I miss you when you won’t go away?” He is dead now. I think he really loved me but it was not to be, our timing was a bit off, our marriages, separations and divorces did not coincide.
So today is a special day because Gail is coming to visit me and not only that..her daughter Elinor and her daughter Amy. So my first cousin, my first cousin once removed and my first cousin twice removed will get the Grand Tour of the Trump International Hotel (aka Ze Alexis Chateau et Tour). Some conversations here at the Trump. 

Me: What kind of car is that parked in front?

S. It is a Lambo 

Me: That is sort of a fancy. It costs half a million dollars. 

S. No big deal. 

And another one. 

Me: Well, life is more than a little confusing sometimes but I am adjusting quite well,

Gracious person: We can see that. 


But nothing in life is altogether perfect. Two days in a row I went to the jacuzzi for bubbles. The jets are not working and there is this ridiculous sign encased in plastic that reads: In Pursuit of Excellence We Are Working On The Hot Tub Jet Right Now. 

 What does a girl do when she encounters such problems? I immediately fired off an email to Triple C. The subject line was: :What the ?!?!

His response:

I am sorry about this please allow me to investigate the situation. With the heavy rain I don’t think it is worth sitting outside anyways.

My response:  

 Well this is the second day in a row and the water is still warm and so there and so there. And I met two more people who are going to read my blog. But this is unacceptable and the sign is stupid and guests should be informed. Bye for now. Alexis

His response:  

Thank you for your informative and detailed feedback I will certainly address this.

My response:

I am blogging it! Such shear stupidity. Can’t always be positive. Me

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