More Thoughts of The Effect of Environment Upon Contentment; A Happy Towel Story; and Clean Laundry at Last

David Sedaris is one of my favorite authors because he is hilariously funny, He was interviewed on a New York Book Review podcast, listening to him with my earphones in the lobby of the Trump International Hotel left me convulsing in laughter. But in the midst of his humor there is often wisdom. He spoke of the years that he lived in the Uptown district of Chicago, a terribly violent neighborhood with everybody beating up on everybody and everything. The experience affected his world view – cruel world, he felt cornered and surrounded by people who were not terribly bright. But then he moved to a pretty neighborhood and pretty soon he felt like the deserved to live in a pretty neighborhood. His world view altered. 

Somewhat amazingly I was provided with a stunning example of the contrast between worlds – Dolphin Square and the Trump International Hotel. At some point, now or later, please look at my March 5, 2017 post. The thread, so to speak, is towels. My towel experience at the Trump International Hotel and my towel experience at Dolphin Square. 
Right now we are here in Vancouver. Yesterday I went to the newly opened pool and jacuzzi. I was welcomed by N.S.N. a man near the top of the food chain (as i jokingly refer to the hierarchy here). He smilingly said: “Ms. McBride, how are you?” He then got me two towels, placed them on the attractive pool furniture and turned on the bubbles of the jacuzzi for me. Obviously he was not there to greet me, towel me, and bubble me but he willingly and graciously took on that task. We did discuss the ‘video wall’ which consists of wonderful changing scenes of tropical paradises. 

Me: It is perfect, such a good idea! 

He: I agree. Sometimes I wish I were a guest here. 

Me: Yes. It adds a perfect ambiance. Too bad though about the traffic noise. I think you should block off West Georgia. 

He: We will look into it, Ms. McBride (He was kidding. As Lynne said in a previous blog: “Is there anything the staff at Trump International Hotel will not do for you Alexis?” At the time I said apparently not but blocking off West Georgia Street is asking a bit too much.) 
So I got into the delicious jacuzzi, the sun was shining, it was perfect and I had two towels that no one took away from me. (See March 5, 2017 post). It is possible order food and drink and room service brings it poolside. This time, this jacuzzi visit, I brought my eye glasses so I could read the menu and therefore ordered the fried chicken. It arrived accompanied by two men. 

D. Ms. McBride, I have spoken to you many times but now I am meeting you face to face. 

Me: You are so handsome. You look better than you sound. 

D. Thank you Ms. McBride. 

Me: That was funny and it just came to me. 

D. Is there anything else I can get for you? 

Me: I cannot think of anything. 

D. I think you need some men up here with you.

Me: Well, yes please, come to think of it. Could you make them young, single, handsome and fit? 

D. I will get the concierge on that, Ms. McBride 

Me: Thanks but I won’t get my hopes up. He might have to drag them in off the street. 
Then I ate my chicken, sipped my wine and got back into the jacuzzi. S.N.S. checked back with me to see how I was doing. 

Me: Very fine thank you. Now I am going to the changing room and loo. I could probably get away with p**ing in the pool but I am a thoughtful guest. 

He: (speechless but did The Emperor Action which consists of the rolling of eyes and the shaking of the head back and forth). 
But to get back to the first paragraph. Is my world view different because of my stay at the Trump International Hotel versus those days at the Dolphin Square? Of course it is!! The towel taker at Dolphin Square was rude, “not terribly bright” and I did feel “cornered”. Moreover Dunce’s assistant was no where to be found and the staff present was going to call Security on me, of all people. That day in March of 2017 I did not return to my flat full of contentment and joy. Yesterday I went to my room on the 19th floor full of those feelings. Do I think that I deserve the wonderful treatment? Not necessarily but I am eternally grateful and it feels good. 
I sent the following email to Triple C. early this morning. The subject line was No Laundry because I submitted my dirty laundry to Triple C. yesterday and the clean stuff had not made its appearance. 

Goodness gracious! One of the most difficult emotional journeys of my life today and where is my laundry? No need to respond as I will be there in person to get you. Sis (aka Queenie)
His response follows and the picture posted is the one that was included in the email. 

Good Morning Queenie, Your laundry is here in the back office ready for you as it was to early to send up, shall I send it up now? I spent all night doing it for you!!! Kind regards,CCC
P.S. He didn’t do the laundry. He was kidding. But clean laundry is now in my room. Magic! 

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