Where Am I and How Did I Get Here; Proud to be A Canadian

The first task of the morning was to send an email to Triple C. The subject line was: Where Am I and How Did I Get Here. He did not respond and it is now two hour later. He is fired. So I had to figure it out for myself. At this point in time I do know where I am. The Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The how did I get here remains a mystery. There is an obvious answer to that in a way. It was by airplane, by Air Canada to be exact . But this is the mystery. I got on the plane and was escorted to my seat – it was a short trip because it was right in front. Sometimes I am not very bright so it took about twenty-five minutes to look about, assess the fact I was being waited on hand and foot and manna was coming from heaven. 
Me: Is this first class? 

He: Yes it is. 

Me: How did I get here?

He: You bought a ticked?

Me: It was frequent flier miles and it was not first class 

He: Someone must have upgraded you

Me: How do I find out?

He: I do not know.  
So I am immensely grateful to somebody. Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you are reading the blog. I am in Edmonton for a private reason so I was not going to blog from here. But, I reasoned, I will not say why I am here but I can admit to being here. 
During the flight I gazed out the window of the airplane and the mountains were the most beautiful sight. The Canadian Rockies go on for miles and miles and miles. It made me so proud to be a Canadian. I love this country. I am a born again Canadian. This also made me proud to be a Canadian. The headline reads: “Freeland questions U.S. leadership, says Canada must set own course.”Right on Girlfriend!! 
Picture is from my first class seat on the airplane. More later perhaps. 

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