A Section from The Biography. Me, My Uncle And I 

I found words written of Dave Dryburgh written on the occasion of his death. This piece was written by a colleague Scotty Melville who would take my uncle’s position as Sports Editor of the Regina Leader Post. I compare myself with Uncle Dave, it is something I love doing as it makes me feel closer to him and almost brings him to life.  

 Dryburgh was a forceful character. Am I? Many, if not most, would say yes. He was always sure of himself. Am I? Actually not always but increasingly becoming so. His forcefulness made enemies, the author noted. That is what happening to me, increasingly so. I was ascribing my enemy accumulation to misogynism but perhaps I am wrong. It is perhaps forcefulness of which we speak? I guess I would rather have an enemy because I was forceful rather than have one because I am a woman But “he made friends, too.” Do I? “Well, yeah! They called him the “Iron Duke” Goodness knows what they call me. I do not seem to have a nick name. I think I will have Triple C. give me one. He will be good, I can just guess he will be. I do love that phrase: “He shook some of them out of their shoes.” I can be tougher than he was, when I finish with some one who has wronged me they probably wonder if they have feet. I am sure none of them are “sorry to see” me go. 

“Dryburgh got a great kick out of life.” Well, Yeah! But how we get out kicks is decidedly different from one another. I do not know what a penny ante game is and scarcely have I ever fished. And again, I am neither a race track follower nor do I wager. Well not on horses anyway. I am beginning in strange (and not so wonderful ways ) to lay odds, risk, and venture. Perhaps it would be safer for me to bet on horses instead of the strange things I am doing. I have not been too good at picking a winner in the past. But I am doing something different – blogging and living on the 19th floor of the Trump International Hotel. 

It is very comfortable to read that good old Uncle Dave could neither sing or dance, as neither can I. But I am getting much better at dancing if I do say so myself and I do. (hahaha)

But the most eloquent phrase encountered in this snippet is “around Saskatchewan and elsewhere they’l miss his printed word.” That is because, I, through this book will bring back his printed word.  

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