A Special Invitation; Accomplishments at the Apple Store; Four Losers at the Fairmont; Pictures from the Tate Book; and then Surprise Sushi

Living in this city and living in this place continues to amaze me. I am not only treated like the Virgin Queen within the walls of my castle, Trump International Hotel, but there are wonderful people living in this city who actually seem to like me. Ty, my new friend sent a wondrous invitation which I share with his permission. 
“Are you a fan of the Symphony? Would you like to join me for the VSO season finale concert/soiree at the Orpheum Theatre on Granville Street, on MONDAY, JUNE 12th?Maestro Bramwell Tovey, who has led the VSO for a decade now, is making his penultimate swan song direction with the mighty “TITAN” –Mahler’s Symphony #1, along with the WORLD PREMIERE of a new work penned by the Maestro for CANADA’s sesquicentennial celebration. It should be a stellar evening and event. If so, I may meet you earlier perhaps (at Mott’s?) and we can wander over to the Theatre which is only a few blocks away.Curtain I believe is at 8pm for this event. Let me know as soon as possible, and I’ll order us tickets!” So what is a girl to do? I immediately emailed back: “Yes, yes and more yes!” I cannot wait and shall immediately order the Peking Duck from the Mott 32 restaurant because it so incredibly good and they need at least 24 hours to prepare it. 
When I left London it felt like entering an abyss leaving culture, complexity and diversity behind. But none of that is true and I am instead surrounded by all, with the added advantage of family. I do have some traditional connections, the Dryburgh clan, but I also have this place. S. a valued employee at the Trump International Hotel, said so kindly and sweetly this evening: “We are your family.”. I do feel that, I am so blessed. 
But occasionally it is necessary to emerge from the cocoon. An amazingly helpful appointment at the Apple Store at the Pacific Center was a jewel and so was a lunch of spotted prawns at the Fairmont. But the adjoining table at the restaurant was a lesson in incivility, bad manners and usuriousness. 
President Trump made a statement following the Manchester bombings that was actually quite profound. He called the terrorists “losers” because he said they would be complimented if they were called “monsters”. That statement is so correct. 
The four men sitting at the adjoining table were not terrorists, but they certainly were losers. I participated in a brief conversation with them to learn that they were business associates. One said he was a broker. I cleverly said: “Of china and glass?” It is doubtful that he got the joke. Eavesdropping on their conversation was demanded because they spoke in such loud voices, but eventually I drowned out their banality with my tunes, thank goodness for earphones. They all were trying to impress one another, it was pathetic. But none listened or heard each other. Two of them had the absolute effrontery to not order food or drink, but instead just drank water graciously provided by the wait staff. The waiter told me that this is not an unusual practice at this tony restaurant. These men all spoke of their wives and children. It is certain that the wives support these men. One of the men was conducting some business on the phone, the others just jabbered on about nothing. I left without desert as they were getting on my nerves, even with the earphones firmly in place. Let the record reflect that I did not gift this group with my blog cards. 
I walked bak to my place and was courteously introduced to the owner of the hotel. I did give him one of my blog cards. I later got a little embarrassed about my forwardness. But I was very polite, shook his hand and told him how much I appreciated being here. I might have even said: “Thanks for building the hotel for me.” 
I made major progress. I managed to convert the prose pieces from In Contemplation and Companionship at the Tate Britain into a PDF, had them printed and so friend Lynne can proof read my writing.. The first printing of the book contained errors so they were given to friends in London as memories of the days I spent there, at another oasis in the midst of chaos. A dear friend Marcus told me that no one would notice the errors and they actually might be endearing. I am not counting on that this time round. I speak of the book in the February 18, 2017 blog. This post will contain two pictures taken at the Tate Britain and used in the book. 
I had surprise sushi late at night. I was a surprise because I just went down to the lobby to say Good Night. But there I met Christine from Boston, she was going for sushi and invited me. We had sushi and laughed with Miles. Miles said he had a better view from his West End apartment than the one I have. Perhaps Miles but you do not have the entire staff of the Trump International Hotel at your command. The joys of being a Queen. 

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