A Foolish Email Statement; Dirty Laundry Made Clean; The Curtsey; New Friends and A Photo Shoot

Some fool emailed: “I do hope the hotel continues to live up to your high expectations. I am reassured that it is no longer owned by my favourite clown.” Such a cretin is this person. This hotel was never owned by Donald Trump. Moreover, “Live up to my high expectations”??? It exceeds any expectations anyone on earth could have and does so constantly and amazingly. Examples will follow. I had another panic attack in the middle of the night. S. answered the phone, but he and the staff could not locate a hot water bottle. Instead a down comforter was sent immediately. It comforted me. Earlier in the day, I confided to Triple C. that I needed laundry done. 
Triple C. Bring down the laundry in the laundry bag found in the closet. 

Me: OK

Triple C. Then I will have it sent out and have it back to you.

Me: OK. Should money accompany the laundry? 

Triple C. Yes, Ms. McBride 
So I did as I was told and brought the dirty laundry and the money. Then later that self same day I returned to my room on the nineteenth floor of Trump International Hotel. The laundry was there and it was clean and it was folded and some clothes were on hangers as they had been steamed, there were bows, and there was a hanger that said: “We (emoji heart) our customers.” They did not have to tell me that, I could tell that. In the morning I sent Triple C. an email whose subject line was WOW. 

Me: Laundry service amazing!! Will the joy ever end?

He:I told you that when you need anything done just ask your Personal Assistant ….. this roller coaster is far from over!!

Me: Can I blog this? A. 

He: yes of course just refer to me as Triple C and this merry-go-round is just getting going!
Yesterday I ran into The Emperor. (Not Literally) I curtsied. He is such a great guy because he did not say anything but somehow conveyed that I had to work a bit on the curtsey. Then I saw him again when I was with my two new friends. I curtsied again and I could tell that he knew I was working on it. However, the look said: “It still needs more practice.” The Emperor handed his business cards to my friends. I asked him for one saying he had never given me one. “I don’t have to, whenever you see me, you just yell at me.” I am not sure that this is an accurate statement, but it could be. 
A courteous staff member asked me if I had any plans for the day. “No, I do not. I just let the day evolve.” Then I told him that I did not have any plans yesterday and what happened with my day would not have taken place if I had plans. Kathleen, the tour guide I met two days ago came back to the hotel looking for me, accompanied by her husband. I showed them my room, we sipped some wine and ate some cheese; then we went out to another hotel for drinks and snacks. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a great time. Actually going to another hotel is a good idea – it is called weaning. (Triple C. just assisted me in his role of thesaurus – with the word wean.)
Just now, sitting in the lobby of the Trump International Hotel writing this blog, I spied two men with cameras earnestly at work. But it was confusing because their cameras were aimed at nothing. I walked over to them to clear up the confusion.  

Me: Can I ask you this? What are you taking a picture of? 

They: We are just setting up. We are going to be taking a picture of her (motioning to a beautiful woman sitting nearby. 

Me: Oh my goodness. How embarrassing! But can I blog this and can I take a picture? 

They: Of course! 

So I did and attached will be the picture, in case you do not believe me. Triple C. was busy and did not observe this interaction. I told him the story and then asked him the following question.

Me: Guess what I did then?

He: I can’t guess. 

Me: You are letting me down! It is so obvious! 

He: Oh, I get it. You gave them your blog card. It should have been engrained in me by now. 

Me: Of course. I guess I won’t put you on probation this time though. 

He: Good. 
i have figured out the panic attacks, I think. I am afraid that all of this will end. I do actually have a plan for the day. I need to set up my electric toothbrush, purchased weeks ago. If problems? Call the front desk and they will send up an engineer. It certainly beats having a husband hanging around.    

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