Further Thoughts on Cute and Bright; an Update on Alec Baldwin; Where This is Going; and a Surprise Sandwich  

The day before yesterday E.H.B. and I were having a discussion about the joys of being an intelligent woman. Men who are achievers are called forceful, intelligent go-getters. Women who are achievers are called cute and bright.
Me: They never call a man bright, they call him smart. 
E.H.B.: You are correct on that count.
Me: I say, Light bulbs are bright. I am smart! 
E.H.B.; And who wants to be called cute? 
Me: Well, me. It does beat being called ugly. But I do get your point.
It is quite stimulating to have E.H.B. on board and part of the humor team. 
Me: Isn’t it nice to be talking with E.H.B. 
Triple C.: Yes, it is very uplifting. 
Me: It is a threesome Triple C. But don’t get your hopes up.   
Yesterday I was listening to an April 16, 2017 Alec Baldwin podcast. He allowed himself to be interviewed to promote his new book “Nonetheless”. When asked why he wrote the book he humorously admitted that he wrote the book because he got paid for it. The mercenary force is strong in this situation, he did explain. You may remember that Alec Baldwin is the subject of two of my posts: March 31, 2017 and mentioned again April 2, 2017. The story of my betrayal at the hands of Alec is recounted in the March 31, 2017 rendition. Please read it and weep. So despite my disaffiliation with him (as mentioned) he was quite funny in the podcast. It seemed a return to his premarital self, in my humble opinion  I laughed out loud on more than one occasion listening to it in the lobby of the Trump International Hotel.  The lobby was crowded that morning and my laughter brought some sneers from men that could be described as misogynists. (Nope, not giving that one up.) 
Alec was occasionally profound. Success is what frightened him, he reasoned, because he was accustomed to failure. The success of this blog is occasionally frightening to me and perhaps could be the cause of the panic attacks in the middle of the night that you might have read about. In some ways Alec and Alexis have parallel sets of humor. I often break into imitations of people and so does he. 
This is also rather profound. He meets the new wife about six years ago but he has not been getting involved with women because of his daughter, he does not want the daughter to feel abandoned. But he tells himself that to not follow up with the young replacement wife will be “ a horrible act of self robbery.” I do wonder if certain men in my life have ever considered that. Boy, am I ever sassy! I think his return to the role of father of young children is somewhat a cop out, pretending he is young and trying to start over. But that is me and he is he. I do admit that I am unable to have children so I could not follow his dream. Enough of Alec. 
I do occasionally think about what I am going to write about next. Here is a sneak preview. I am definitely going to focus upon the shoes women wear. I am going to talk about garbage, it is one of my pet peeves. You will hear more funny conversations that go on between me and others. There will be previews of the biography featuring Uncle Dave. If people continue to throw water on me you will hear about it. I do intend to keep this up beat but it would be stupid to be  constantly positive in the midst of negativity. 
So stay tuned, or not. I am sometimes painfully aware that there are typos and grammatical errors in this blog. My high school friend Lynne generously agreed to proof read my work but I decided to limit her skills to the Tate book and the biography. Cousin Gail had first hand knowledge of the anxiety I experience between writing the thing and having it posted. She wisely thinks it would be too anxiety producing for me to have the lag time that the editing would require. The way I see it – you are not paying for it. What do you expect for free? 
I recently was in attendance at a high class restaurant. “Are you having lunch with us, Ms. McBride?” 
Me: Your food is wonderfully gourmet but I feel like an egg salad sandwich. 
They: We will see if we can get that for you, Ms. McBride 
Me: Really? 
And they did, I got my egg salad sandwich. I do not mention that name of the restaurant because then everyone would be asking for the Ms. McBride Egg Salad Sandwich and it is “off menu.” I did write a thank you note to the chef on my favorite stationery and include it as my picture on the post. 
better than sex

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