The Systematic Removal of the Problem of Feces on the Pillow; A Marriage Suggestion by The Emperor; Problems with Paradise; Then Ending in Sadness and Sass

It has taken me five more nights of turn down service to appreciate the attention to detail that characterizes the Trump International Hotel. The May 13, 2017 post contained a story told by Benjamin A woman called the concierge in great distress asserting there were feces on her pillow and sheets. An investigation revealed that it was not feces but melted chocolate. Turn down service is ritualistically planned and executed; a woman arrives with water, slippers and a little box. What is inside the little box? A chocolate. So no more chocolates on the pillow leading to melting and dismay. Open the lid, pop the chocolate into your mouth, close the lid. Sheer genius. Boxes are pictured, I am getting quite a supply here.

It is a glorious day, opening the drapes revealed actual sunshine, It was sun rise so the colors were superb. My anger of yesterday did turn into to misery and exhaustion. Triple C was most caring and did sympathize with the unique problem faced by people who live/work in an environment geared to politeness and respect. One has to go out in the world; the contrast can be rather catastrophic. Although, to be fair, I was warmly welcomed on Davies Street by staff at my old hotel, a waiter who remembered me for “my energy”, the waitress and a little girl who smiled and waved at me throughout her dinner I visited with new friend Ty at his work and he was happy to see me. Then the bad guys came and the rest is history. But, in a more philosophical mood, I am thankful for many things. 1) it was not red wine but water 2) it was not coffee or a hot drink and 3) the bill had been paid and I could leave in dignity. I can also look back in irony. Someone says that Chinese people can be rude and so the solution? Throw water in her face. Did that not prove the point? 

Then I was chatting with Triple C. at his station. The Emperor came by and commented that we made a cute couple I followed The Emperor to ask it he thought it was a match made in heaven.

Emperor:: Yes it is but you have to make sure he has some new suits, make him shave off his beard and he needs new shoes. 

Me: I don’t want to marry a man I have to make over!
That incident occurred two or three days ago. Triple C. has not proposed but it would be a conflict of interest as he is supposed to be the screener of men in my life. I will have to mention that to The King. 
I am down the hotel lobby writing this; Triple C. is missing in inaction. Incidentally he does not read my blog. His comments (and mine, of course) follow. 

He: Why read the blog?? When I am starring in the movie!! 

Me: Who is going to play you?

He: Me? 

Me: But you are not good looking enough. 

He: Who is going to play you? 

Me: Me, I am good looking enough to play me and who else could ever do it.  

He: I agree, Ms. McBride 
The movie is the one of my life – actually the later years only. If I keep going strong there are going to be sequels.  
There is a lot happening this morning in the lobby. Here are two incidents.


She: Are you Jackie? 

Me: No, I am Alexis. Do you want me to change my name?  

She: No, I am looking for a tour guide and I thought you were one. 

Me: I could probably do it. 

Nicole from the Concierge Desk: I am sure you could!  
Another She: Are you going to Victoria?  

Me: Been there, Done that! 
I have, of course, been to Victoria. My favorite person in the whole world, my Aunt Alice lived there and died there. I made many visits in her dying days and did say a proper good bye. I think we both cried. Did it help? that heartfelt goodbye? I have no idea, it was very hard on me and even now I am blinking away the tears. She died in 1985. 
I wonder what the Water Throwing Chinese man is doing today? Triple C. in my hours of stress provided me with the Spa Menu. I am going to indulge in A Ritual Bath and a Massage this afternoon. I bet that guy, the water thrower, does not even shower. . 

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