An Egregious Assault 
I was felled. By water at a Davies Street restaurant. Water was thrown in my face by a Chinese man. “Why?” you might ask. It is because I dared to assert that Chinese people are often rude. I am not only incredibly angry with the man but also, not altogether paradoxically, with this city and those that dwell herein. Why? Because you Vancouver cowards have let a greedy profit seeking element take over your City and they have ruined it. Perhaps irreparably. It is perhaps taking a short, rather plump, little old lady to bring this to your attention. To speak out about it. Complacency has gotten you nowhere. It is not just complacency – you bought into it. What do have to show for it? Impossible real estate prices which makes life unlivable. Canadians cannot afford to live in their own City, or even its suburbs. Dreadful behavior is tolerated and hence encouraged.
What did the water throwing man prove? Merely that I was right. I walked out of the restaurant with dignity, merely stating quietly to two women: “Misogyny is alive and well.” Would that dreadful man have thrown water in the face of a man? The answer is, of course, no. 
I am too angry to blog further. The photograph is my computer with its precious yellow sticky provided by Triple C. It was such a relief to return to my haven, the Trump International Hotel. If I am going to remain in this City, I may have to live here. I am not positive that they are ready for that.   

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