Perhaps A Two Post Day: A Sweet Message from the Day Before Yesterday; A Profound Analysis by New Friend Ty and Triple C. Wins.

My goodness was I depressed the day before yesterday. But this sweet email bounced up to me in my room.” I am happy that the kind caring and funny Alexis is now going upstairs trying to relax and chill out for a bit as that is much better for you and your well-being . ……. As we cannot allow the other Ms. McBride come out and unleash her wrath, as no man would be safe except Triple C as I am your assistant.” He then attached the Spa Menu and I called and then got an appointment. It was sheer heaven and you will hear about it later. 

But in the meantime I share this amazing email from new friend Ty. 
“I think why you surround yourself with men who fear you, or may be a bit intimidated by you, is that when a man is in that state, he cannot be a threat to you in any way. It’s a safety measure and mechanism forged by your past.
Chauvinism and misogyny are annoying at best and appalling at worst. So many men don’t even recognize their own behavior in this regard because it’s so long been the status quo of MEN. Pointing it out is sometimes necessary and even right but men may not take too kindly because they’ve been getting away with it all their lives. I’m a feminist right alongside you.
Also, many gay men and certain breeders um, I mean “straight” men are attracted to danger…or “dangerous” women. Women like you, who know themselves and their worth, who aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade, and otherwise speak up for themselves and need no help from men to do what they want and be who they want to be. You can be unpredictable and this some men find exciting! Rather than the boring conventional wives they’ve made their beds with. But, other men will not be pleased and express their contempt because they realize they have lost CONTROL. Lost the reigns, and men who are not well seated in their masculinity or egos with find it wholly threatening.
I also think with all of our pasts, our differences and different points of view, that to LEAD WITH KINDNESS and set the example for others to mimic, more often than not, our interactions will mostly be pleasant, non-threatening, engaging and perhaps even interesting! (I find many folks myself an absolute bore.).   
Some may argue “just be yourself”. I find that can be offensive. What if yourself is “an a**hole”?! Or a misogynistic p***k?  

Well then, “f*ck you and the horse you rode in on” may just serve as the best, most appropriate response.🤓🍷🙏🏻” 
So to be totally clear about everything-“the men I surround myself with” are men I am “romantically” interested in, or are “romantically interested” in me My male friends are not afraid of me. So, for example, neither Ty, Mario, Jim, Bruce, Pete nor Triple C. are afraid of me. No one that is afraid of me could have this interaction. 

Me: I have not had breakfast and I am so hungry I might just eat your arm. 

Triple C. Not my arm, I need it for work. 

Me: OK then your ear. 

Triple C. Fine. You would chew that off anyway.”

Me: You win the round! I hate it when you win!
Then later in the day another male friend said to me: “You give meaning to my life and you are my inspiration”. 
I have got to go and do battle with Virgin Media AGAIN, they are such dolts. It is all worked out that they charge my credit card every month and now, yet again, they cut off service. Idiots. 
Do you think that they would be impressed with my statistics? That I have had 39,472 visits and 

9,065 visitors since the blogs inception on January 22, 2017. As I love to say, not bad for a girl that was born in Saskatchewan. 

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