Trump International; Chief Concierge; Jamaican Men; I Found the Gym; and lastly a new individual on the Canadian political scene: Prime Minister Alexis McBride.

There is some confusion amongst my friends and relatives – perhaps dismay would be a more accurate description of their emotions. Their distress is that I am residing in a hotel which is called Trump International. They seem not to have the facts straight. Trump does NOT own the hotel. A Malaysian man by the name of Ti (sp?) does. This space was originally targeted to be a Ritz Carlton but when the Ritz  stepped aside then Mr. Ti (sp?) stepped in  He wanted an international hotel brand, shopped around and came up with Trump. I am not exactly a Trump fan so I find it rather humorous. The hotel is exceedingly well organized and well run. The staff is spectacular and all rather handsome individuals which is an added bonus. They are rather like eye candy.  
Sandy was so helpful in assisting me with my special long term rate. We spoke on the phone to arrange the situation but the day before yesterday met in the lobby. I laughed, I had seen her before. We met under the following circumstances. My room key functioned in the elevator it did not work to let me in my room. I found the phone on the floor, called down to the main desk and told the charming person on the other end of the line my problem, “We shall send someone up immediately Ms. McBride.” That is what happened and a very charming woman appeared.  Well, (this is embarrassing to recount) but I was trying to get into the wrong room 601 instead of 602. I laughed and said: “Don’t tell anyone please.”  This helpful person was Sandy and she was the darling woman who arranged my special rate. We laughed and I promised to try to get in my room, and my room only. 
Over these past two years that I meet a man, thirty or forty years younger then I am. We begin immediately a repertoire  that never stops. One example is Matthew Randall of the Rex Whistler restaurant in London. But I have found a replacement. The Chief Concierge at this Trump Hotel. He is the man who will be screening potential men in my life in order to prevent me from the same mistakes I made in the past. We set up this partnership within minutes of meeting. Our repertoire does not stop and the other night I could not get to sleep because I was  giggling over the stupid things we said to one another in one day. . Many examples will follow. 
Me: Did you hear the news? 
He: Yes, You are staying with us until July. 
Me: Yes, I can see that bad news travels fast! 
He: Yes, and with all of my screening duties I will be working a great deal of overtime.
Drum Roll
Me: I guess I have to ask this question, where is the gym? (I hate gyms) 
He: It is on the third floor, Ms. McBride. 
Me: Thanks alot, now I have no excuse. 
He: But Ms. McBride, it is permanently closed.(it wasn’t of course) 
Me: Oh Thank You.
Drum Roll  
Me: You know this long term rate is not all that cheap. Could you hire me as a concierge. I might be good at it. 
He: (tactfully) Well, we might consider it. 
Me: The only problem is I don’t know anything about Vancouver. Could you tell me where a book store is so I could get a guide book? 
He: Here is one better, He hands me a Where magazine. Memorize that and you will be prepared.
Drum Roll 
He:  “Met any men recently Ms. McBride?” 
Me: Well one yesterday at lunch actually, he was rather nice. 
He: Age? 
Me: I did not ask but I did tell him my age. 
He: What was his response. 
Me; He said that it was an off year so it might not be special.
He: Off year? 
Me: Yes 74 – 75 big one. 
He: Anything else? 
Me: Well I told him this factoid. Guelph Ontario was the home of the jock strap. 
He: Interesting fact, 
Me: The man said it would make sense because Guelph is a university town. 
He: Shows promise for a sense of humor 
Me: Yes and that is very important.
Drum Roll  
Later I reported to CC that the man in question and I had exchanged emails. 
He: I leave you alone for an hour and look what you do! 
Drum Roll 
Then later, I was praising Chief Concierges”s able assistance Nichole. 
Me: Actually, you do not deserve her. 
He: She is truly wonderful !
Me:  But what I do not understand is this. Why are you the boss and not her?
He: (Gasp) I did not see that one coming. Touché. 
Me: (Haughtily) You are supposed to say On Guard first. 
Drum Roll 
Later in the evening and Chief Concierge is still at present at the Trump  
Me: Don’t you ever go home? 
He: You are a force of nature. They don’t make them like you anymore!
Me: I am going to write that down and put it in my blog
Drum Roll.
Then the next morning I got up, made my way to the third floor gym, climbed on the stationery bicycle and pedaled.  Shock waves are being felt as far away as San Francisco.  
 But then I had another strange encounter with a Trump employee. This is a Jamaican man by the name of Godfrey. Jamaican men are figuring strong in my life. First there was “Best of 2016”; then another man in London by the name of Christian worked at Dolphin Square Fitness Club and now there is Godfrey here in Vancouver. Godfrey reminded me that he greeted me when I arrived the very first time at the Trump.. He took my hand (in his gloved one) and said: “Welcome and you must keep coming back!” This statement is being regretted by the entire staff. Godfrey and I speak of many things, He was born in Kingston Jamaica, his father was a strong influence in his life. I have had a difficult time understanding communication from a Jamaican man. Godfrey helped me. WOW, Now I understand. But that particular Jamaican man is stupid because how did he know that I would be greeted by Godfrey at the Trump International Hotel in Vancouver. It would be impossible. Of course, Godfrey and I had to pose for a picture to be included on the bog. 
But I will end on a sour note. The day before yesterday I met a man at COAST restaurant. He came from Vancouver but had moved elsewhere then recently returned. He told me that the city had changed. This was his explanation; “Half of Coal Harbor has satellite ownership.” That is amazing. Properties are held solely for speculation and often not occupied. It is ruining Vancouver. Someone has to do something about it. I came back to the Trump International and complained to the wonderful staff. They suggested that a person of my abilities should enter the political arena and make a difference. It was unanimous: Alexis McBride, Prime Minister has a nice ring to it. Although I am sure that the staff I spoke with do not have the authority, they promised the hotel could serve as my campaign headquarters. That would be a laugh but perhaps a conflict of interest. Trump International Hotel sponsoring the campaign of the Canadian prime minister. Well, for Trump it would not be his first conflict of interest. A prior post spoke of Trump and others found it hilarious. It was March 8, 2017. Read it. 
The other photograph is the turn down in my posh room at the Trump International Hotel. I came home to that last night and let the record reflect that I came home alone. 

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