Is There Anything Trump International Hotel Will Not Do For You? 

The title of this blog is actually a question posed by my high school friend Lynne. I laugh and laugh and say: NO! Then I go downstairs and laughingly tell the staff what my friend said. They agree (and say further) “No! You have us wound around your little finger!” 

Many if not most, readers do not know me. I am utterly honest. I do occasionally exaggerate a bit, but only once in a while and usually just a little bit. So that conversation actually took place. We did sort of laugh that perhaps staff would not do Everything (sexual innuendo intended) but pretty much everything else. 
The day began with the editing of a previously written post. Then I asked a wonderful staff member for help. Her name was Glenda. For the life of me I could not get the coffee machine in the room to work and although a person had been sent to my room once to help me the information did not sink in thoroughly. I explained to Glenda that I had a difficult time asking people for help because my nuclear family and the men that I picked were never there for me. It was not worthwhile asking for help because it would never be forthcoming. But an amazing thing happened with Glenda. First of all she illustrated how to operate the coffee machine. We talked and, of course I told her about my blog and gave her a blog card. She looked at my name and said: “Oh, that’s you!” Sh said that her director and the staff said that I was the best guest the hotel had ever had. I cannot believe this myself, but that is what she said. I told her that I was so touched and I never would have learned about my popularity unless I had asked for help. (and gave her my blog card)
I did go to the gym again and upped my time on the stationery bike. Then I had to get packed, yet again, for my move to a smaller room where I will basically remain until July 1, 2017. David called, just as I finished packing telling me that my new room was ready. I decided to go downstairs and pick up the key to the new room and my luggage would follow. “You have been upgraded Ms. McBride and you are on the 19th floor.” “Thanks, that was very nice of you.” 
I went up to my room on the 19th floor, inserted my key in the door. I was astounded. I just stood there stunned. Then I said (out loud): Holy F***!!! What have I done right?” Then I picked up the phone, dialed 0, and repeated this statement. Why did I say that? Why am I thoroughly amazed? 
Because there is a view of everything. The bellman comes with my luggage.Conversation follows. : 

Me: Well, the mountains are in the north so we must be facing north.

He: Yes

Me: What is that body of water? Is that the Pacific Ocean?

He: Yes

Me: And what is the name of that harbor? 

He has to repeat it three times but I finally get the answer. Coal Harbor

Me: Well that’s embarrassing I should have known that because that is the name of this district. 
The bellman leaves but I am still in shock. I impulsively call my friend Bruce who lives in Ontario. I tell him of my tremendous good fortune and continue to look out the window. I see a bridge. . 

Me; Bruce, there is a bridge. Which one do you think it is? 

Bruce: Well does it look old fashioned?

Me: Yes, I guess so. Sort of like the Golden Gate Bridge only smaller. 

Bruce: Then it’s the Lion’s Gate Bridge. 

Me: O.K. There are some trees in front of it. Could that be Stanley Park? 

Bruce: Yes, Alexis 
Now, honest to goodness. He is in Ontario and I am in Vancouver. (apparently) Next I call Lynne and Arthur. Arthur answers the phone and I tell him the good news, coupled with the amazing fact that I was born in Saskatchewan and I get all of this. 

Arthur: There are no mountains or water in Saskatchewan. 

Me: Yes, Arthur. I know this. 

Arthur: When we were trying to apply Maritime Law to Saskatchewan the only way to apply it was through Lake Athabasca.

Me: Laughter 
Then Lynne gets on the phone. I tell her about the mountain view and said that although I have been in the Vancouver area for weeks the mountains failed to make an impression on me. 

Lynne: The weather has been so terrible this winter that it is rather amazing to see that they are still there. 

Alexis: Laughter
Later in the morning I need to use the loo. Even the bathroom has an incredible view but I could find the toilet. I do start to laugh thinking: “Oops, they forgot something.” Well, of course it is just behind a closed door. Another PHEW but I keep laughing.  
Arthur, Lynne and I had an amazing time last night. The play, Robin Hood, Prince of Tease  

was hilariously funny. It was at Performance Works on Granville Avenue.. The production was so professional. I know of what I speak as I have spent the last two and a half years in London going to plays constantly. When I left London only six weeks ago I thought I would die because I thought I was leaving culture, museums everything. But I wasn’t, it was me and I brought me with me.   
As I was writing this the door bell in this my incredible room rang. It was the turn down service women. There were two: Cathy born in the Philippines and Chloe born in Korea. They tell me where they were born because I volunteered that I was born in Saskatchewan. I told them about the blog and we started to laugh uncontrollably because they were so funny. Chloe said that she was born in South Korea and assured me that in South Korea there were no missiles, no wars and no dictators. “PHEW” said I. I honestly do not remember laughing so hard as they pretended to want to be on the blog by laying on the made up bed. I wonder where in the world this hotel finds their staff. They are incredible, almost to a person. Almost I say, not all of them are perfect but the imperfect ones are few and fare between. Whatever that phrase means. 
But on a deeply personal level the three of us last night discuss our earlier lives together. Lynne tells her primary memory of me. She walks into our shared apartment in 1963. I am in the bedroom typing a paper for school. She hears me: Type, type, type. “Sh**!” Type, type, type. “Sh**!” I fear for myself sometimes and so I asked Arthur: Am I the same now as when you knew me? He smiled and said: “Yes Alexis, only more so.” It was one of the kindest gifts I have ever receivedI 
Now this is strange! I begin to wonder if Uncle Dave did the same thing as I did. I mean: Type, type, type. Sh**!” I doubt it but I will try and find out. There is that picture of him at work at the typewriter. He looks so distinguished so it is doubtful. But who knows? I will try and find out. 
No pictures as you would not believe the view anyway.   

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