Bliss Returns

I was struck low from the events of yesterday and the nightmare of Vancouver Real Estate. Apparently I am not unique but that does not make it more palatable. I received an email from the United Kingdom that attempted to cheer. It said: Nil desperandum etc. ( don’t let the b******s grind you down). You will rise, phoenix like, from the grasp of minor intellects.” I shot one back: “You are the second to know. I have arranged a long term stay at the hotel until July 1 when I go to Saskatchewan. It is perfect. So already I feel the phoenix rising. The staff is ecstatic…… Alexis 
Another friend had written a simultaneous email saying: “But remember, everything happens for a reason and you’ll probably make out much better with something different. And since you love where you are, maybe the can extend your stay even longer until you find something. I just love reading your blog.” I replied to her: “I have arranged a long term stay here at the Trump International. I will be here until the first of July when I travel to Saskatchewan for research etc. . I do not have the energy to deal with this ridiculous real estate nightmare that is Vancouver at this time. I love this place, the staff loves me and it will be a time of some serenity for me. It is not the spacious room that I am now in but that is fine, I do not need all of this anyway. It is a phew for sure. So I guess I will get on and blog it. I woke up this morning utterly exhausted. Alexis”
I write from the balcony of my posh room. it is, for Vancouver, a great day although a bit chilly for my California blood. There is a sofa, it is so comfortable. The maids brought a chair out for me to put my feet on. So my room is getting cleaned, and I can sit and just gaze around at everything. I definitely am aping the rich (see prior post) It is bliss although there are remnants of the horror. My left eye is twitching. I can see the pool at the Shangra La, a posh hotel and residence across West Georgia Street. One would have to be mad to be outside on a day like today. There is apparently a pool here in this hotel. I think I will go and check it out and find more staff members to cheer with the news of my stay.  

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