There Are Men In Canada; Far From the Eye, Far From the Heart; Breakfast in Bed; A Cyberspace Conversation and then an Illegal Act Preventing My Move into Trump Towers.

I am reminded of Colette and Chris’ comment from an earlier blog. Colette reminded me that there were men in Canada and Chris sagely said: “There are indeed men everywhere. Watch your step. X” Well there are men in Canada and they are trying a different technique. They are aging themselves on purpose. One man swears he is seventy-two but I say to him that he does not look a day over twenty four (which is his real age of course). We all laugh. Of course we are just joking. I am both chaste and chased. I did just laugh at my own joke. 
But a youngish man who we will C has a better idea. He wants me to adopt him. He is age appropriate for adoption considering that he is forty. It is not actually such a bad idea. He does not have children nor does he particularly want them. The rest of his family is in the Philippines so not likely to visit. He is quite personable. Who knows? 
I had a magnificent lunch yesterday at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, I had the West Coast club sandwich and it was superb, the salmon was perfectly flavored and cooked as was the bacon. The server whose name is Elizabeth was a very good waitress telling me that the ingredients in the sandwich were local. it was impressive. I am very impressed with the food in this City, I would say it was even better than the food in London. I am sorry Rex Whistler but as Elizabeth said: “Far from the Eye; Far from the Heart”. She speaks French, it sounds much better in French. I don’t think it was restaurants we were referring to. 
I began the morning with breakfast in bed here at the Trump International Hotel. I have never had breakfast in bed my whole life until now and this month I am going to be 74. It was fun and what was exceptional is that I was ‘chatting’ by email with someone from the United Kingdom. Cyberspace can be such a rare treat. It was unbelievable. He was talking about walks in the woods and I am in a luxury hotel in downtown Vancouver. It was actually sweet. We joked away. He said it was better that I was having breakfast in bed instead of a dinner companion. I would never do that, I am too old for all of that. 
But then things turned bad. Renae is a realtor and she was leasing the property I mentioned in my previous posting. At 9:06 she sent me a message that said and I quote: “The owner received another application for the property over the weekend and has proceeded with them. We haven’t received your wire transfer yet but when we do we will have an accountant issue a reimbursement……Sorry this one didn’t work out but good luck on your search.” I fired back a message that said: “You cannot do this Renee, it is illegal.” I then emailed her requesting that she email me with the details as messages are difficult to deal with. . She has not. But then strangely friend Bruce emailed me saying that he had spoken with Renae. I had given his name as a reference I called him and we chatted for quite some time. Of course, he had only positive things to say about me. But the conversation between the two of them occurred after Renee had “fired” me. She asked the usual and typical things. “How long have you known her?” “Will she make a good tenant?” But then she asked him: :Does she get along with people?” He responded: “Of course, she has friends all over the world.” Bruce is very intelligent and we discussed what was going on. We came to the conclusion that it must be the blog. It is ridiculous. The property, Trump Towers, is practically empty. Now my blog does reveal that I did complain about things at Dolphin Square but there were things to complain about. There would be nothing to complain about in Trump Towers. Dolphin Square was build in the 1930s and it was falling apart at the seams. Trump Tower is brand new and I would be the first occupant in any suite I might manage to lease. I do not complain for the sake of complaining but only when there has been a wrong perpetuated against me. I am usually the nicest person and people all like me. Just ask anyone at Trump International Hotel. 
Please do not worry about me, I am fine here at the Trump International Hotel. I was so cold last night so what to do? Call the front desk. They sent an engineer to make it warm and he fixed the bath tub because the drain was not working properly. They have extended my stay until Thursday with no problem at all. The staff here are so incredibly supportive. The maid service excellent, the concierges, the bellmen, the engineer, the waitresses, the bartenders, the from desk, EVERYONE. They are so well trained. All want me around. I am wonderful to be around, but do not cross me. It is not a good idea. I was a California lawyer and it is sort of instinctual. 
The picture today is of the storm sewers in Vancouver. The woman I spoke of, the artist and her daughter won a design competition for them. I found that out at the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

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