The Best Day of My Whole Life; Susan Point; Belonging and Firm

 The best day of my whole life was yesterday. At this moment I am still residing in the pushiest hotel room I have ever been in. It is huge and the bed, with its wonderful sheets has to be bigger than a king; I guess it is a giant. The sheets are soft, the thread count must be in the millions. 
For Vancouver, yesterday was a nice day. I had a delicious breakfast in the restaurant at Mott 32. They have a huge buffet that includes congee. I was on a Chinese cooking spree when I was in my twenties and made congee, one boils rice for forever and a day. I have not eaten congee in forty five years probably. 
Then it was a fast walk to the Vancouver Art Gallery which is about four blocks away. Nichole, one of the concierge staff and a truly wonderful woman said that there were free concerts on Friday. She was right and wrong – usually but not that day. But it seemed propitious to join the Art Gallery. The senior membership quite inexpensive and it provides constant free admissions. There is an amazing exhibit of works by Susan Point. An inspirational woman born in 1953. “She has won wide acclaim for her prints and sculptures that forcefully assert the vitality of Coastal Salish culture” I was particularly moved by a print called Belonging. It sort of made me cry. I asked the man if I could take a picture of it, he said yes and you will see it too. Then I fell into conversation with a woman. We talked and talked and decided to have coffee.I bought. I said: :What am i doing buying you coffee when I do not even know your name?” We laughed. She said if I were a man she would have insisted on a large latte. Her name was Celia, she was a midwife, she was visiting her son and she was from….guess where? England, somewhere near Birmingham. We had a jolly chat, i looked down and my phone and there was a message from Renae. The owner approved my application and I am now a proud resident in Trump Towers. I was ecstatic and Celia and I made our way to Trump Towers for a triumphant celebratory champagne, she bought. More laughter. Then she went back to the Art Gallery and I did wire transfers of money to seal the deal. 
Back down to the restaurant for lunch with all of the staff seemingly happy, happy, happy that I will be taking up full time residency and they will see me every day. I read my blog of yesterday to the charming concierge screener whose job it will be to reject “my men”. He said I missed an important concept, he will be “gentle, polite but firm.” I said yes, you always want men to be firm. We laughed. 
Then I met a wonderful couple at the bar from Canmore Alberta. Their names were Paul and Gail and they fed me some of their food just like a couple did once at the Open Court Restaurant at the British Museum in London. We made plans to meet again, after I get the keys and sign the contract for my new flat (as they say in the UK). I told Nichole of my success and asked if it were possible if it would be on the 36th floor. Yes, she said as there is something like 78 floors. I felt a little stupid at that point. So more hilarity, a trip to the drug store for bubble bath. Then the bath and one thing led to another and pretty soon it was time to go to bed after meeting many new people. Then I woke up in the middle of the night, starving. I think I missed dinner. So I called room service at 3 in the morning and it was Dom that brought me my Mac and Cheese. I can get room service in my new flat as well. 
But I did a totally bratty thing. I took Connie’s picture (with his permission of course). He is handsome. I then sent the picture in an email to two men that haunted my life when I was in London. The subject line? Replacement. Connie said the bar can be my living room – it is an elevator ride, twenty five giant steps and thirteen baby steps away from my flat. So there! 

Tomorrow morning I will awake in my new flat in the Trump Tower. Today I am meeting Paul and Tom at four and Celia and her son at 7. Then Lynne and I emailed about going to the theatre on Tuesday. At this point London is looking rather dull in comparison. 

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