News Of The Precious Bible That Got To Australia On Valentine’s Day, Of All Days Accompanied By General Musings On Valentine’s Day And A Poem Of My Own Authorship

First the musings on Valentine’s Day. Today is Valentine’s Day, I actually know two men whose first name is Valentine. I have this to say to them: “Where is my valentine?” I am not expecting any valentine, much less flowers. It is not worth the hassle of keeping a guy around full time just for flowers, much less valentines. Men have never given me flowers. I took matters into my own hands over twenty years ago and took up Ikebana. (Japanese flower arranging for the uninformed). So every week I had flowers in my life. I had a wonderful sensei Yoshi. We travelled to Japan together and to New York together. She has not been in my life since I came to London in 2014. I miss her. I did an arrangement in front of the San Francisco International Ikebana Association in 2010. When I get into something I really get into something. I will post a picture of the arrangement when I find it, which will not be today as there is superb news.

But still more musings on Valentine’s Day. Yesterday I treated myself. I took myself and my imaginary boyfriend for lunch at the Rex Whistler. There is a new menu honoring Hockney. I had the scallops and the salmon. They were both absolutely delicious. The scallops perfectly cooked, which is a difficult task with scallops. The flavorings were delicate so as not to overpower the subtle flavor of the scallops. The salmon, again cooked to perfection, with excellent accompaniments including two different colors of beetroot. (Perhaps more about that later.) The food was accompanied by an excellent pairing of white wines from California. Excellent, and I know my wines. Perhaps too well. If you have not been to the Rex Whistler you must go there. But at this moment it is really crowded because of the Hockney exhibit so make sure you make reservations. The Hockney exhibit ends on May 29th so you could wait until then. I remember May 29th as that is my birthday. I will be in Canada, where I was born as you already know.
I told Matthew, the boss of the Rex Whistler, about my imaginary friend. (of course he could not see him). He said: “Well, at least he will not talk back!” He didn’t, but he didn’t pick up the bill either. Men! I might as well have gone alone. My exciting plans for this day, of all days, include going to Dr. Michael Sandberg’s office with a stool sample. Would I lie about a thing like that? The hilarious assistant (whose name I forgot to write down) said of my delivery on Valentine’s Day: “You shouldn’t have!” I am still laughing at that one. Dr. Sandberg is a great doctor by the way, and I know my doctors having been married to one, once.
If you have not read my posting of February 8, 2017 read it now before you go on. It is the story of the precious bible’s journey from Saskatchewan to London and then to Australia.
Well fans, as you can tell by the title of today’s posting, it got there and on Valentine’s Day of all days . Cousin Pat’s email will tell the story. She sent the email to all on the Niece’s Nexus, my name for my precious female cousins.

Hi All
As you can see, I received the Bible today…..very appropriate day to receive….Valentines Day
Shed loads of tears…had to explain to people in the office that they were happy tears, not sad ones…and of course had to show everyone the Bible.
Actually had to wait until after lunch to take the photo…..I’m one of those unfortunates who just shouldn’t cry….I get all blotchy….so had to wait for the blotchy to fade.
Saved the rest of the tears up for when I got home…..give you one guess what I’m doing now….LOL
I really wasn’t expecting the parcel to arrive for another week yet, knowing what our postal service is like…so it was not only a joy to receive it, but was a wonderful surprise to receive it so quickly!
I don’t know how to thank you Alexis for passing it on to me….or thank you Faye for passing it on to Alexis!
I find it incredible that the 2 Bibles were actually saved for all those years so that they could come down to us…even more incredible when you consider the lack of momentos saved by the Dryburgh boys…
Yes Alexis….I have been on to your Blog a few times and especially last night….had to read what you had put up about the “sending of The Bible”
Alexis I don’t think it is morbid to make arrangements for your ashes….and I think you should just have them scattered over either the “Condominium” grave of the Greats in Scotland, or over your adopted father’s grave….Uncle Dave. Just make sure you let everyone know where….
Love to all

the bible


So it is Alexis again. A person, actually a former lover, sent me an email today. It is so precious. I cut and paste from the email,. You are not getting the email in its entirety. I do have some discretion. “I heard a poem for valentines day which I share only with you. Carole Ann Duffy , one of our best poets, possibly still the poet laureate, I will bring you an onion for a valentine gift. A moon wrapped in brown paper, a taste that will linger forever on your lips, when you break it you will weep tears , it will linger on your fingers when you eat it , it will remain with you when you cut it with your knife.I haven’t done full justice but she is the poet.”

How darling can that be? It reminds me of the poem I authored years ago, when I was about 13. It concerns Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day
Is the day
On which I am made to pay
For the way I was to coy
To more than one boy.

Is there a pet laureate position in my future? Probably not. Happy Valentine’s Day to all and to all a good night.

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