The Straight Path Quoting From Gary Wills’ Astute Book; Bingo the Favorite Synonym: Silent Night Brings Forth Tears; Perseverance and Psychological Reliance Explored: Sign 88 Quoted: Health Club A Mixed Blessing: Several Photos From Breakfast Bar

I know that the Straight Path is an extremely important in the Islamic Faith. I am not stupid; daily, several times daily I say Guide Me on the Straight Path. The path of those you have blessed. Etc etc.etc.   

 “Got it” means understood or achieved something.There are many ways to say it: ( I ) got it : I see / understand ; That / It makes sense ( now ) ; It’s clear now ; OK ; Right ; Cool ! 2) You got it : You understand ; That’s it / right ; There you go ; Exactly ; Perfect ; Bingo ; Nice job ; Good 

My favorite is Bingo. 

Had the following conversation with myself. 

Me: Bingo!!! I know it! I got it! 

Alter Ego: That’s good. What are you going to do with it? 

Me: I know there is an excellent discourse, explaining Straight Path clearly and concisely 

Alter Ego: Do you know where you read it? 

Me: Bingo! Yes I do. In Garry Wills’ book What the Qur’an Meant and Why It Matters. 

Alter Ego: Well that is good! 

Me: Guess what is even better? 

Alter Ego: What? 

Me: I have the book with me. I brought it from Canada. Came with some books not all. Not all of my books but some. 

Alter Ego: That is amazing. 

Me: It is indeed. 

Chapter 9 of Wills’ book: The Right Path (Shari’ah) begins with the following foreword: 

A tree, a network of branches and twigs stems from the same trunk and roots; a sea formed by the merging waters of different rivers; a variety of threads woven into a single garment; even the interlaced holes of a fishing net; these are some of the metaphors used by Muslim authors to explain the phenomenon of ikhrtif or diversity of doctrine, in Shari’a law. Noel James Coulson. 

Wills begins his discourse. 

The word ‘shari’ah’ occurs only once  in the Qur’an, and there it does not mean law. It is Allah’s reassurance to Muhammed that he is traveling on the right path (shari’ah). 

However, the Qur’an does not provide “minute legal guidance” Wills quotes Johnathan A.C. Brown.

The Qur’an is not a detailed legal manual . Only about 500 of the hundreds of the book’s (6,235) verses provide legal injunctions, and even on major quotations such as ritual prayer, the Qur’an is often vague.” 

At this juncture I am going to get dressed and go to the breakfast buffet. I am hungry. More from there perhaps or in my room later. I am sure I will follow the Straight Path to breakfast. Hahaha.

Breakfast was a bit noisy but with ear plugs I was able to tune the noise out. Something unusual happened, fortunately no one seemed to notice, they were captured in their own conversations. I listen to an Apple Music channel,  Classic Chill. It began playing Silent Night. I know the words, to all of the verses. I know the second and third verses of all Christmas carols which is a waste of brain space quite simply because I do not celebrate Christmas – definitely not for the past three years and before that, most reluctantly, during my atheist years, beginning at age 16. Nonetheless, when I bean to listen, mouthing the words, I began to weep  convulsively . It is a beautiful melody, the words full of hope even if they are not, shall we say, accurate. The tears were tears of gratitude. 

Alter Ego: Gratitude, Why gratitude. 

Me: It is difficult to explain but at certain moments, like this, I realize that Allah (SWT) has always been with me. Bringing m moments of joy, in the midst of adversity and pain. It fills me with gratitude. I have always wondered how I could persevere, be so strong in the midst of it all. Now I know. 

Alter Ego: Persevere? 

Me: Yes I have perseverance, It is an inherited trait. Do not understand it but somehow my silly brothers did not get it. We did have the same parents. I remember when they brought the brats home from the hospital.

Alter Ego: What is it exactly? 

Me: I shall look it up and tell you. 

Perseverance is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Its synonyms are almost tiring: tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness, staying power, firmness of purpose, endurance, diligence dedication, commitment, doggedness, pertinacity, assiduousness, steadfastness, tirelessness, indefatigability, stamina, stick-to-itiveness. 

My favorites are tenacity, doggedness and stick-to-itiveness. 

Psychological resilience is an aspect of perseverance. Wikipedia speaks of this as the ability to cope mentally and emotionally with a crisis, or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. A resilient person uses “mental processes and behaviors in promoting personal assets and protecting self from the potential negative effects of stressors”.[5] Psychological resilience is an adaptation in a person’s psychological traits and experiences that allows them to regain or remain in a healthy mental state during crises/chaos without long-term negative consequences.[6]

Resilience is a “positive adaptation” after a stressful or adverse situation.[9] When a person is “bombarded by daily stress, it disrupts their internal and external sense of balance, presenting challenges as well as opportunities.” The routine stressors of daily life can have positive impacts which promote resilience. Some psychologists believe that it is not stress itself that promotes resilience but rather the person’s perception of their stress and of their level of control.[10] The presence of stress allows people to practice resilience. It is unknown what the correct level of stress is for each person. Some people can handle more stress than others.

Stress is experienced in a person’s life course at times of difficult life transitions, involving developmental and social change; traumatic life events, including grief and loss; and environmental pressures, encompassing poverty and community violence.[11]

Resilience is the integrated adaptation of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to circumstances, and a coherent sense of self that is able to maintain normative developmental tasks that occur at various stages of life.[12] The Children’s Institute of the University of Rochester explains that “resilience research is focused on studying those who engage in life with hope and humor despite devastating losses”.[13]

Resilience is not only about overcoming a deeply stressful situation, but also coming out of such a situation with “competent functioning”. Resiliency allows a person to rebound from adversity as a strengthened and more resourceful person.[12]

Some characteristics associated with psychological resilience include: an easy temperament, good self-esteem, planning skills, and a supportive environment inside and outside of the family.

Well I did not have a supportive environment inside my family (families), and often not outside of my family. But I do now. I am truly blessed. 

Wikipedia summarizes this section in the following manner. 

When an event is appraised as comprehensible (predictable), manageable (controllable), and somehow meaningful (explainable) a resilient response is more likely. 

Much more information, speaking of many factors, its history, listing measurement tools. I was aware of the tools as my psychological resilience was measured at one time in the past. 

I am writing from the breakfast buffet. We shall now return to the Straight Path. Grandson Ibraham and I spoke briefly. He was busy with other customers. These were his words (approximately).

He: You are on the Straight Path when you bring joy to other Muslims. 

Me: That was brilliant! I will put it on my blog. Please check back with me to see if I have quoted you correctly. 

He: I shall. 

I am soon to pour myself strawberry juice. I dislike strawberries but the juice is delicious. As promised I will not quote from 300 Signs to Recognize Your God.   Sign 88 is my random selection.

God has created various types of fruits from which we get not only fruits but fruit juices like watermelon, orange, apple and banana. Fruit and fruit juices have fructose which gives us glucose and provides energy and those are refreshing to us. Do we thank God! 

Holy Quran 16:67 And from the fruits of the palm trees and grapevines you take intoxicant and good provisions.  Indeed that is a sign for people that reason. 

 I am taking this as proof positive that I am on the Straight Path. This belief does not harm anyone, there is benefit as it brings joy to me which I spread to other Muslims, who are in huge supply at this, my Refugee Camp. 

FAME served two useful functions yesterday. Provided Arab coffee and dates, this his minor contribution. His major contribution was to take me by the hand, introducing me to the remodeled Health Club with the news that it is open to women between the hours of 7-10. It is also possible, during these hours, to employ the services of a masseuse. 

Me: That was one thing that this hotel was missing! It fills me with joy but it is a mixed blessing. 

He: Why mixed? 

Me: It means that I should go to the gym and get needed exercise.However, I hate going to the gym. 

He: Why? 

Me: It takes too much time. 

He: Do not complain. We do everything for you here. You do not have to clean or cook or anything. We provide for all of your needs. I think you should stay living here in this hotel. 

Me: I will take your advice. I may have to rob a bank to afford it. If I did and got caught there would be free housing, so got no worries, I guess. 

Of course he laughed. That is my role in life, to provide joy to fellow Muslims. Ibraham, a Saudi Muslim, told me so. He must be right, he is my grandson after all. 

Some photographs taken at the breakfast buffet. One is a pile of napkins provided by Blue Eye ( a nickname). Blue eyes are extremely rare around here. There are only two and a half sets.. Me, Marwan and blue eye. His other eye is green. He is a boss who was born in Egypt. Many of the bosses are Egyptian, including the Big Boss, who has apparently been here for thirty years. Apparently, as that is the rumor. Not discussed it with him personally. 

Blue Eye piled the napkins as a joke. My napkins is forever falling off my lap. I needed a ready supply. Hahaha. One photo pictures the strawberry juice, such a lovely color. Baked Beans are also photographed. I remembered an old tune: “Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot.” Hahaha   

Another photograph is me at the Breakfast Buffet wearing a unique head covering. It was purchased about ten years ago from a London Car Boot sale. No idea why I bought it, fly control not necessary in cold Canada.  It was seldom used, but no problem as it cost only one pound. Spoke with an Egyptian woman  at the Breakfast Buffet, who helpfully informed me that it is worn by Egyptian belly dancers. I have a new ambition, learn belly dancing, great exercise for tummy muscles AND I have the proper attire.