Al-Hadee, The Guide; A Prophetic Name Chosen at Random; Prophetic and Up Close an Personal Defined; Sense of Humor Proclaimed My Favorite Trait; Examples of Sense of Humor; Reaching a Detente With Instagram, not a Truce: Arab Unity Essential; Photo of My Book Shelf; A Counting Device; A Reel of Arabic Pronunciation

Began the day with Fajr prayer, drank some coffee did some outreach then randomly chose a name  from my book The Beautiful Names of Allah. It was Al-HadeeThe GuideIt could not have been more perfect, it could not have been more prophetic, 

The meaning of prophetic is accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future. It has inspired synonyms: prescient, predictive, prophetical, far-seeing, divinatory, oracular.  

It was prescient, far-seeing and divinatory because  I am being guided at this time. Finally the direction, the straight path I am to take is clear.  

The meaning of Al-Hadee is provided. He is the one who helps his creation to get to know Him as being their Lord and Creator, guides them to whatever is in their best interests and to earn their livelihoods. He shows people the path of good and the path of evil and guides to His Right Path whomever of them He wills in His immense wisdom. 

All I can say at this moment is WOW, which as a verb means to impress and excite (someone) greatly. Everything has come together, including the discovery of this beautiful name of Allah (SWT). I was given the book by Mr. Ali of this Oberlio Hotel. I shall live in Medina, guided and assisted by staff of this hotel and it seems shall remain here until accommodation has been found. Like many fortunate people I have been searching for meaning in my life, a place to call home and blessedly I have found it. I have seen up front and personal, the path of good and the path of evil. 

Up front and personal is an idiom. I seem to think in idioms these days. I cannot understand it, my brain has become totally idiomatic. This, EXCUSE ME, is to be distinguished from being totally idiotic. Hahaha  The meaning of this particular idiom is with intimate detail and from a perspective of closeness, sometimes with the implication of intrusiveness or invasion of privacy. That’s it!! I have definitely seen evil in intimate detail, with the implication of intrusiveness and the invasion of privacy. However, and most importantly, I also have I seen the path of good in intimate detail and from a perspective of closeness, my privacy invaded by this vision as well. 

Related to all of this, I just realized that my very favorite trait, of all my traits (both good and bad) , serves to set free, reconnoiters me. It is my  my sense of humour. I am somewhat convinced that if 100 people were gathered together and asked the following question this would be their reply. 

Me: Of all my good and bad traits, which is your favorite. 

95 of them: Your sense of humour. 

Perhaps I might do a sampling today. 

Me: Maybe I should wander  around the Oberio Hotel asking people if my sense of humor is their favorite straight. 

Alter Ego: You think that would be a good idea? 

Me: Maybe not. The NOTS just won, for various reasons which we will not go into. 

Faithful readers will notice that I seem to have abandoned my obsession with Palestine. A brief glimpse. I saw on Unreliable Instagram that MBS will enter into settlement negotiations on November 11. I responded: 

Me: Alhamduillah! How prophetic. Remembrance Day11/11 because 11/11/11 ended World War One – that armistice promised it was a war to end of all wars.  

That is more or less what was said, it probably did not get posted. Instagram is evil, entices people into believing they are doing some good, then abandons them. They end up feeling mute and helpless. I have reached a with Instagram. 

Detente is the easing of hostility or strained relations, especially between countries. Its origins:  early 20th century: from French détente, ‘loosening, relaxation’. It is different from an armistice which is a cessation of hostilities. 

I am relaxed with Instagram, occasionally. Instagram is not going to change but Instagram can be useful sometimes. 

But back to my treasured sense of humour and an opportunity to see it in action. For most complicated reasons I have been. ‘Missing’ one of my suitcases. The good news: the missing suitcase was in Saudi Arabia; the bad news was it was in Riyadh and I am in Medina. Its return was promised by AK on November 4, 2023 – the date of his promised visit. However, yesterday a telephone call and a WhatsApp photo arrived at the same moment. This was the following text. . 

He: Done!!! Guess whose bag is here. 

Me: Just got the suitcase but I thought I was going to see you. Thank you my dear! Are you inside it waiting to pop out. 

He: Five laughing emoji.

Me: I am dressed. Do not worry. Hahaha I am TOTALLY funny. 

He: Yes you are!! (Three laughing emoji) 

Me: I am on my bed typing my blog. 

He: Yes I am coming Saturday to say Hi but I thought you may need stuff from the suitcase. 

Me:  I did so. Thank you!!! Running out of blog cards etc. The joy is mine. 

He: I am soooo happy now that you got your suitcase. Please check for everything. Please check for everything and let me know. 

Me: Completely happy for SO many reasons. I cannot wait to tell you all my news. But no husband material yet. However it is only Tuesday. I got four more days of hunting. You should say Happy Hunting. 

He: Happy Hunting (with four laughing emoji). 

Then I mentioned a candidate. That shall remain secret. 

Me: It would make your mother very happy. Hahahah But do not tell her in case it does not work out. 

He: (Emoji saying he would not) 

Some readers may not be aware of this but AK negotiates my Muslim dowry contracts. We are having great fun, He is very good at it. We started with camels, went onto race horses, gold, then pharmacies. Who knows what is next??? 

The suitcase contained some books brought from Edmonton for reading, researching and quoting. My ‘supply’ will be pictured with the water book stands and yesterday’s flower arrangement. 

Humour is so necessary in these troubled times. This from Marwan Bishara of Al Jazeera , October 30, 2023 Opinion 

 “Arab leaders must come together to end the genocide in Gaza, come what may. Because only by uniting and speaking in one voice in favour of Arab and Palestinian rights would they be able to deter Israeli aggression and foreign interference in Arab affairs.”

Arab Unity so important. I have an insight obtained from the Alhambra Book Store in Edmonton. It is timely although written in the 1980s. More later. 

We will now segue backwards to guidance, spoken of in the beginning of this blog, before the segue into humour. I am receiving guidance constantly on the Islamic Faith -prayer practices and pronunciation of Islamic phrases of great meaning. An Oberio staff member provided both yesterday, teaching me Subhamdullah, its simplified meaning is surprise, good news. Words of worship are combined, then are recruited while using a counting device. The wonderful young woman gifted me with hers (it shall be pictured). Dutifully I followed her instructions finding myself in a worshipful trance-like state which brought peace of mind. Never have I experienced a feeling quite like it. 

She supplied other Islamic Faith guidance. When speaking of Allah, I use an English translation of (SWT): In All His Glory. I needed help as this was beginning to feel artificial .

Me: How do you say SWT in Arabic. 

She: I will pronounce it for you, you record it and then you can practice. 

Me: An excellent idea. 

The reel will be included on the blog. You shall hear my bungling attempts, trying to pronounce Arabic words. At least I am making an effort, making some progress. I delight in remembering this: Allah (SWT) does not expect perfection. Allah (SWT) is satisfied with progress. I am making progress, slow but sure! 

Slowly but surely means achieving the desired results gradually and reliably rather than quickly and spectacularly. My Arabic pronunciations are the opposite of quick and spectacular.