First Blog of Today, a Light Hearted One; Now I am a Libra and So Happy About It; Libras and Geminis Compared; The Joys of Having a Choice; Polar Opposite An Idiom with Examples; Photos and Reel of a # Year Old’s Birthday and Setting, a Truly  Blessed Place

My fascinating life provides many subjects and situations to write about. One facet extremely somber, the atrocities in Gaza. But the other facet, is joyous. I am not living in Gaza, nor in a country where atrocities are committed upon Muslims supporting Palestines.  One of those countries, I have just learned, in the land of my birth. I am horrified but also joyous because I  am here in Medinah, not Edmonton, nor the (so-called) United States of America. Both puppets of Israel. 

This blog shall be celebratory. The following one written on the same day will be most dire. . Read one, read both. I do not particularly care. Yesterday was the celebration of my birthday. No, not may eightieth birthday, my third birthday. 

It suddenly dawned on me that those who are born in the Islamic Faith have one birthday – the day they are born and the day they become of the Faith. This is not true for me. I blessedly came of the Faith on October 20, 2020. I was suddenly inspired; I will choose that day as my birthday. I am therefore able to shave off several years and will no longer receive the comment (when I tell people how old I am.)

They: You don’t look it.

Oh NO I suddenly realize. When I say I am three the response will be the same. 

But then another advantage occurred to me. I can change my birth sign. I can become a Libra. You shall explore my research alongside me.  

These are the characteristics of a Libra: 

“Those born on October 20th come across as very dependable as you have no problem keeping your word. Additionally, you have a tendency to be a proud, arrogant, and overworked person. You also have to avoid the negative traits that your personality is known for in order to be successful in life.”

So far this is correct, I am dependable. I can be proud and overworked. Now what? 

What about this? 

“The seventh sun sign Libra is known to be the best on the list when you talk about love and romance. The word love and Libra are practically synonyms. Stars indicate that Librans invented love and romance, and refined it to an art with even more expertise compared to Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus. The god of love, cupid has inbred Libra with love skills. You are a big flirt and have good charming qualities to attract your opposite sex easily. The ruling planet Venus makes you merrier in life in terms of finer things.”  

Hmmm Becoming a Libra is, of course logical and is allowed by my reversion to the Islamic Faith. You see it is not my fault that I was born of a Christian mother and it was she, not me. Who decided where and when I was born. I had nothing to do with it. Why should I be made to suffer for an accident of birth?  

You: Suffer??? 

Me: Yes: Have you ever read the characteristics of a Gemini? They are not pretty. 

I will now look up Gemini – do sort of know,  but a refresher course is needed

“Playful and intellectually curious, Gemini is constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups. They are the social butterflies of the zodiac: These quick-witted twins can talk to anyone about anything. Find them buzzing between happy hours, dinner parties, and dance floors.” 

Well that was well and good when I was an atheist, this buzzing around bars and dance floors and being a social Butterly – but excuse me??? I am now a Muslim. Moreover, my friends are to be Muslims – there will be no one to party hardy with??? 

Next, looked up the daily horoscope of a Gemini. 

“You will need to take an acquaintance into confidence to share your plight. It is important to remain in control by personal supervision at work. An urgently required loan getting sanctioned may come as a big relief to you. Expert advice will help those trying to get into top physical condition. A family member is likely to prove a great help around the house. Time seems favourable for purchasing property.Love Focus: You will feel much closer to the one you love than ever before.”

That is not going to work. No acquaintance, no work, no family member. I cannot purchase property at this moment as I am in Saudi Arabia. AND at this moment I do not have a love focus. 

Okay, okay What about Libra, what is my daily horoscope as a Libra?

Your savings will make your financial front stronger. Health remains good, as you turn to fitness. You are likely to make your mark on the professional front. Plans for home improvement may be put into action. Planning a trip with someone, rather than travelling alone, will be a correct decision. A contentious property matter will be amicably resolved. Going out with friends will take your mind off some pressing matters.Love Focus: Spending time with partner on the romantic front will give you a sense of fulfillment.

This one is working for me. I have savings, good health, love to make a mark professionally. I could plan a trip with someone – actually a tour guide is coming later today. Problem with no partner but will look elsewhere for a sense of fulfillment. 

More research brought continued good news. 

“Others immediately notice your cordial and controlled manner, power of expression and especially the imaginative ideas which flow from you. All this is the result of the Moon’s rulership of your day of birth. Money is important to you, so you will naturally gravitate to where the action is. You aren’t content with too much stability, and even if you end up in a conservative job – it will be one with much movement and change.Travel is a great source of inspiration to you and foreign trade and interaction may be a source of good fortune for you.”

This is true of my current behavior and past experiences. I have gone to where the money is with my three multibillionaires. I did have a conservative job but it did have movement and change. I have always loved to travel and it has been a source of inspiration to me. Foreign interaction has proven to be a source of good fortune. 

There is even more, some good and some bad. 

“A Birthday Horoscope for those born on October 20 predicts a romantic and emotional love life. In love, they will be possessive and emotional. These people are self-developed and can be unpredictable. Sometimes they will be disappointed in relationships. They can still make friends. People born on October 20 are devoted, loyal, and intelligent. They also have a good sense of humor.”

I am loyal, devoted (to the right people). Definitely a good sense of humor and intelligent. 

The following is true. Prior to becoming of the Islamic Faith I did have a difficult time letting go of past hurts. 

“People born on October 20 are usually driven by a yearning to understand themselves. This can be reflected in their dreams. It is possible for them to dream up a magical world or fantasy where they can be creative. They may even have a difficult time letting go of past hurts.” 

The soon to follow  paragraph is true, perhaps too much information however. 

“October 20th-born people are very charming and fashionable. They can also be too fun and light-hearted to make a great love-maker. People born this day are often at odds with social norms or new directions. These people need someone to stand up for their strong personalities. “

Too much information is an informal phrase [informal] said to mean that you do not want to hear any more about something, because it is private or embarrassing. Tmi is a slang term. It is an abbreviation for ‘too much information’. It’s usually used when someone gives another person too much unwanted information. This was a sample sentence. When my parents tell me all the romantic details about how they met, I usually scream “TMI. 

The summary concludes: 

Libras born on October 20 are the embodiment of the yin and yang principles. While they may be aloof and reserved, they have deep intellectual potential and are often ambitious. However, they may lack the discipline to study in depth.

This multimillion word blog proves I do have the discipline to study in depth, many subjects. My particular, and unending preoccupation, is the Islamic Faith.

Photographs and videos of my birthday celebration shall follow. Also two photographs from the window of the Kyoto Restaurant. It is the Prophet’s Mosque in Medinah. No one could deny that I am blessed. 

I am not sure when the next post will be accessible. I am writing from bed in the Olerio Hotel after eating at the sumptuous breakfast buffet. I shall continue writing. However, afternoon plans may interfere. I have been gifted with a Medinah tour guide – to show me the sights of this place most beloved of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

A text from AK. 

He: Here is the tour guide for tomorrow 

Me: Is he handsome? 

He: You will see. I am preparing you a birthday special tour (special stop during the tour.

Me: I am exhausted with all of the celebrations. 

He One more. 

Me: Okay thanks But remember I am only 3 

The next blog will speak of the horrors of Palestine and Muslims who support them. It will not be pretty or uplifting or happy. I am mindful and SO grateful for the life I live at this moment. Polar opposites – my life and those suffering in Gaza. 

Polar opposite is an idiom often used to describe people and ideas that are opposites. Examples are: good and bad; rich and poor; love and hate. 

Does that not say it all????